Resound Hearing Aids Prices


PRICE – £1695.00





The Resound Enzo2 9 hearing aid represents the very latest in hearing technology. This is the latest model on release from GN Resound, who are a very well respected manufacturer. Resound hearing aids prices tend to be at the higher limit due to the technology involved.


As I state continuously throughout this website, buying hearing aids can be a daunting experience for people, particularly first time users. Do you go with a cheap model to see what they are like or do you go all in and get the very best available.


My 6 point guide (click here) will steer you in the right direction. My advice has always been to look at your purchase of new hearing aids as an investment in your hearing health and quality of life.


Get the very best hearing aids you can possibly afford but make sure that you use a reputable supplier. If you follow the guide that I have drawn up and have used countless times then you buy with total confidence.


Who are the Resound Enzo2 9 hearing aids for?

These ingenious devices are for pretty much anyone, including those with a severe to profound hearing loss. The vast majority of hearing aids are aimed at those with a mild to moderate hearing loss. Seeing one aimed at those at the other end of the scale and full of technological wizardry is long overdue.


The Enzo2 9 is the premium superpower hearing aid in the ReSound range and is compatible with iPhone. This surprisingly small, Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aid supersedes the earlier Enzo 9 model.


It sports twice the processing power as the previous generation and can operate in the most challenging of listening environments. In fact, Enzo’s Smart™ hearing technology has turned this model into one of the most powerful hearing aids available.


Why is the Resound Enzo2 9 so special?

What makes these devices so special is the level of connectivity and the technology available to make your hearing experience the best that it can possibly be.


The ReSound Enzo2 9 is fully compatible with Apple, so you can stream music or listen to the news by simply downloading the Smart App. Your hearing aids will become wireless headphones, enabling you to access FaceTime, movies and phone calls with ease.


Resound Enzo2 9 hearing aid styles


Your Apple device can double as a remote control, to discreetly adjust the volume or program settings for your hearing aids.


Those with an Android phone can also enjoy connectivity but will need to use a ReSound Phone Clip+ accessory. Ideal for those with a severe to profound hearing loss, it is especially useful if you often find yourself in challenging listening environments.


Price and features of the Enzo2 9 hearing aid.

The price of this device, at £1695.00, is certainly towards the higher price bracket. As much as I would love to see all hearing aids priced at a far lower rate, this is the best price that I have come across for this particular model.


It justifies this price due to the level of technology contained within. Here are the main features of this model and what they actually mean to the wearer in terms of the benefits to your hearing.


The key features.

  • 17 Sound Frequency Channels – ensure your hearing aids can be adapted to fit with your personal hearing requirements.
  • Four Memory Programs – so you can customise your hearing aids to suit your needs.
  • Comfort Phone Program – enables your hearing aids to switch to the telephone mode, which in turn reduces background noise so you can concentrate on your conversation.


  • Advanced Noise Tracker II – makes listening more comfortable in noisy listening environments without impacting on speech clarity.


  • DFS Ultra II System – provides significant amplification yet filters out unwanted feedback such as whistling.


  • AutoScope Adaptive Directionality – enhances speech sound whilst minimising distracting background noise. It’s possible to set the program to focus specifically on one conversation or widen the focus when in a group environment.


  • Binaural Environmental Optimizer – driven by a 2.4 GHz processor allows your hearing aids to synchronise and work together to get the very best out of your listening environment.


  • Binaural Directionality II – ensures you benefit from the optimal sound quality and spatial awareness possible when wearing two hearing aids.


  • Surround Sound – enables you to hear conversations around you and work out the source.


  • Synchronised Softswitching Program – allows the hearing aids to automatically adapt to a change in environment so as to maximise speech clarity and comfort.


  • Advanced Wind Noise Reduction – eradicates wind noise, leaving you free to hear the conversation around you.


  • iSolate nanotech™ – provides a water resistant coating to help protect all the internal components against dust, wax and moisture.


  • Compatible with Apple – when using the Smart App you can connect directly to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the Apple Watch without the need for any other accessories.


  • GeoTag via Smart App – memorises specific settings for certain locations, so the next time you visit an area your hearing aid will adjust accordingly. You can even use the Smart App to find your hearing aids when lost.


  • ReSound Unite Wireless Accessories – are available and work in conjunction with the Enzo2 9 including the Phone Clip+ and TV Streamer.

Are there any negatives to the Resound Enzo2 9 hearing aid.

Difficult as it may seem but I do have one issue with these devices. Whilst their compatibility with Apple products will prove to be a major hit, I think the manufacturer could have pushed the boat out and offered the same level of access to other smartphone users.


If you have a smartphone you can still enjoy all the benefits that Apple users get but you will have to fork out that bit extra for “a ReSound Phone Clip+ accessory.” Given the price of the device itself, I feel that this a burden people could do without.


Why buy the Resound Enzo2 9 from Hearing

When investing in hearing devices that cost this sort of money, you want to ensure that you are dealing with a very reputable supplier. You don’t just want someone who supplies the hearing aid. You want a supplier that will go the extra mile before, during and most importantly after the sale.


When reviewing products I think it is just as important to look at the supplier. After some bad experiences with other suppliers, I began to use Hearing a number of years ago. They have a very extensive range of hearing aids as well as other assistive listening devices.

I have found their quality of service to be second to none. From the beginning, you will be put in contact with one of their fully qualified audiologists rather than a sales person. Their attention to detail is fantastic. The reasons I am happy to recommend them are,

  • A chance to make a saving – given their competitive pricing. As they’re an online company, they have significantly fewer overheads than those on the high street. It means any savings they make can be passed on to their customers.

  • A speedy delivery service – means you can order your hearing aid today either via their Customer Care Help Line or the Internet and they will endeavour to get the device delivered to you as early as tomorrow.100% satisfaction

  • Free professional advice – is available when buying one of their hearing aids. They have a team of qualified hearing aid audiologists on standby to answer any questions you may have concerning hearing requirements, performance related issues or fitting enquiries. All you have to do is ask.

  • Hearing aids are pre-programmed – to assume a high-frequency requirement most commonly linked to age-related hearing loss. They can, however, be altered to meet your specific needs. All you need to do is send them your most recent audiogram to and they will reset it accordingly.

  • A 60-day money back guarantee – means you can return the product and receive a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied with the purchase. This is the most important one of all. It allows to you try the devices for a full month to make sure that it is exactly what you want and need.

My summary.

Whilst these hearing aids are expensive, I can’t help but marvel at the level of technology that has been squeezed into such a small device. The main features will ensure that the wearer will have an exceptional listening experience.


The compatibility with the full range of Apple products means that users can now experience a level of connectivity that could only have been dreamed about a few short years ago.


They are one of the best hearing aids I have come across. Yes, they cost a lot of money but if having a hearing device that can do just about everything is what you want then it is a price well worth paying.




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