Call Blockers For Home Phones.

Product – CPR Call Blocker V5000.

Price – £69.99

Guarantee – 45 Day Money Back.


Overall Rating – 4.8 out of 5.CPR Call Blocker V5000


You might be wondering why I am doing a review on call blockers for home phones? The reason is very simple, I have received a load of requests from visitors to the website here asking if I can recommend one that is effective and doesn’t break the bank.


Why do people with hearing loss need the CPR Call Blocker V5000?

Lots of people with hearing loss, particularly those elderly folk are classed as “vulnerable” people in society in general. It is a simple fact of life that vulnerable people are much more susceptible to phone scams and nuisance calls.


These sort of calls are on the rise and despite repeated warnings people continue to get caught out by scammers. People with hearing loss can be particularly susceptible to these telephone scams. Not being able to hear the conversation properly can lead to people giving out information that can result in them being taken to the cleaners.


It isn’t just the scams people have to be protected against. The persistent nuisance callers are becoming a major source of irritation and can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to vulnerable people who may be home alone all day and have to deal with up to a dozen of these calls daily.


In fact, I think everyone could do with one of these little devices. These seemingly never ending calls regarding PPI or bank repayments have become the bane of most people’s lives and anything that can lessen them is welcome in my opinion.Call centre


What exactly is the CPR Call Blocker V5000?

The CPR call blocker does exactly what it says on the tin. It blocks unwanted calls. Even though this is a top of the range model it is extremely simple to use. I have seen other models that look like you would need a degree in electronics to operate. This device is operated using 4 straight forward buttons.


When your phone rings, the number will show up on the CPR Call blocker. All you need to do is hit the “Block Now” button. Thats it, pure and simple. It really couldn’t be easier. Once you have blocked the number then you can forget about that nuisance call forever.


The Pros and Cons of the CPR Call Blocker. 

The Pros.

Simplicity of use. As stated above, it really couldn’t be simpler to operate.


A capacity for you to block up to 1500 numbers.


Pre programmed with over 5000 known nuisance numbers. This will give instant peace of mind. All the well known overseas call centres numbers are pre blocked as well as the better known automated sales numbers.


Calls can be blocked from private and even withheld numbers.


Programmable functions: Add or Remove Number Function, Area Code Blocker, Private Blocking Function, Unknown Blocking Function, International Blocking Function, “0” Type Calls Blocking Function, VOIP Blocking Function, Last Calling Number Blocker.


The Cons.

I have had one of these devices for over a month now and I can’t find any problems with it. It works exactly as described and every call I have blocked has stayed blocked.


You may be wondering why I haven’t given it a 5 out of 5 if I can’t find anything wrong with it. The reason is simple. I know how persistent these scammers and nuisance callers can be and I expect at some stage in the future they will find a way past these devices. However, until then I can fully recommend the CPR Call Blocker.Call centre worker


The Price – £69.99

I think this price represents real value for such piece of mind. As I mentioned above, I have had this device for over a month now. The amount of unwanted calls has decreased to almost none in recent days. In the last 4 weeks I have blocked 167 numbers and once I have blocked them they stay blocked.


I have severe hearing loss and answering the telephone can be a real struggle for me. I used to get approximately a dozen of these nuisance calls a day and at times I was left very anxious and confused as I wasn’t sure what the person was saying to me and really didn’t want to take any calls at all. Now I can screen the caller and if I think it is a sales call or just a number I don’t recognise I just hit the “Block Now” button.


My overall verdict of the CPR Call Blocker V5000.

I don’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone who hates the constant bombardment of these sales and PPI reclaim calls. With the over 5000 numbers already blocked when the device arrives you will notice an immediate drop in these type of calls.CPR Call Blocker V5000


I think the device is particularly good for elderly and more vulnerable people. The modern day scammer and unethical sales people will stop at nothing to try and get financial details form these people. The only way to prevent this from happening is to stop the calls from coming in altogether.


Finally, the device comes with a 45 day no quibble money back guarantee. This allows you to have the device for a really good length of time to make sure that it is working and doing the job for you.


For more details or to purchase the CPR Call Blocker V5000 click here.


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