How to protect your hearing

If the old saying, “prevention is better than a cure” is correct, then it makes sense that people should be a lot more aware of how to protect your hearing than they currently are.

protect your hearing

It is estimated that there are over 350 million people worldwide who suffer from various stages of hearing loss. Some experts believe that the true figure is much more as a lot of people with mild hearing loss simply muddle through life without acknowledging their problem.

Looking at these figures, the argument for protecting your hearing before a problem arises sound pretty convincing. Why then do so few people see hearing protection as an inconvenience? Even people who know the importance of it tend to ignore it.

Why do we not protect our hearing?

Whilst there have been various studies done into this very question, it remains a bit of a mystery. Is it a youth thing? Do young people still see hearing loss as an age problem? Do people understand when their hearing is at risk? Is there enough understanding of what can cause hearing loss? Is there a lack of education regarding hearing protection?

A quick trawl of the internet will throw up thousands of websites dealing with hearing loss. These sites have a world of information regarding hearing aids, assistive listening devices etc… Yet there appears to be a distinct lack of solid information regarding hearing protection. It sometimes appears to be more of an afterthought.

protect your hearing

When is our hearing in danger?

Most people would be aware that things like loud music can be bad for your hearing. Young people, in particular, tend to ignore this. It is the percieved infalability of youth I suppose. 

However, there are many ways that our hearing can be placed in danger. Some we cannot do anything about, such as being born with a hearing defect. Being involved in an accident or a bang on the head etc… Others we can control, such as protection in the workplace. Going to clubs, concerts, festivals etc… Hunting and shooting or even watching television at home.

For a more detailed insight on what and where can damage your hearing. What levels of noise are acceptable and how little exposure to loud noise can cause permanent damage, please check out my post, “Ways to prevent hearing loss. A guide.”

Best ways to protect your hearing.

There are a number of practicle ways that you can help to prevent hearing loss. They are fairly basic and easily implemented but also very effective.

  1. If you are exposed to noise at work, then ask about ear protection. The health and safety officer will/should have all the information you need. If they don’t then insist that they get it.
  2. Understand when your hearing is in danger. I don,t think it is reasonable for everyone to understand the dangerous decibel levels. However, remember this, if the noise sounds too loud then it is probably causing damage.
  3. Limit the amount of time you are exposed to loud noises. This includes things like listening to music, going clubbing, concerts etc… Very loud music for even a short period can cause hearing damage.
  4. Get your hearing checked on a regular basis. This is the best advice of all. A regular check will pick up any early problems and can help to prevent more serious issues from developing.
protect your hearing

What to use to protect your hearing.

As well as the above points, the best ways to protect your hearing are by using earplugs and/or headphones, depending on the occasion. There are a wide variety of both available to buy on the internet at reasonable prices. Two places I have found to be very useful are,

  1. EARGASM EARPLUGS. Click here to see their range
  2. SAFETY GLASSES USA. They have a wide range of hearing protection products. Click on the banner below to browse their range.
Safety Glasses USA Hearing Protectioni

Your hearing health is extremely important. Protecting your hearing doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. The better you look after it now, the better it will serve you for many years to come.

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NHS Hearing Aids Review

The UK hearing aid market is different from almost every other country due to the existence of the NHS. The NHS (National health service) entitles all UK citizens to free health care. This includes free NHS hearing aids.My NHS hearing aids

There has been a lot of debate over the years regarding the quality and the capabilities of NHS hearing aids. I have been wearing them for many years as well as wearing other devices that I have purchased. This is my personal opinion of NHS hearing aids.

How to get NHS hearing aids.

Most people will go through a similar experience in order to get hearing aids on the NHS. Exceptions would be hearing loss due to an accident or some other very sudden form deterioration in their hearing ability.

The first step for most people would be a trip to visit their local doctor or GP (general practitioner). This comes through noticing that their hearing is getting worse or more often other people pointing out to them that they have a problem.

The GP will generally refer them to an audiologist at a hospital. They will be taken through a controlled hearing test. The audiologist will also examine the ear internally. The patient will be asked a series of questions relating to age, how long the symptoms have persisted, their work environment etc…

Basically, two things can happen at this stage. If the audiologist thinks that the hearing loss is due simply to age then they can recommend a free NHS hearing aid and arrange for a fitting.

However, if the audiologist believes that the hearing loss is linked to another condition (in my case it was Meniere’s Disease) then they can recommend the patient to see an ENT (ears, nose and throat) consultant for further inspection.


What type of NHS hearing aids will you get?

The model and type of earpiece you will get are determined by all the information the audiologist/consultant has at their disposal. This will include your audiogram result, level of hearing loss and any other information they think is relevant to your individual case.

The two most common models are the BTE (behind the ear) and the ITE (in the ear).

The BTE model.

The current NHS model I have is an Oticon Spirit Zest P. It is a BTE (behind the ear) model where the main body of the device sits behind my ear and the earpiece is linked by a thin clear tube. The earpiece can be a small bud type that fits inside the ear canal or a full mould type that completely encloses the ear canal.

The ITE model.NHS hearing aids

This is a much smaller device which sits entirely inside the ear canal making it almost invisible to others. In my experience, it is very rare for this type of model to be given out on the NHS.


How good are NHS hearing aids?

The only way to answer this question is to compare NHS hearing aids to ones that can be bought privately. I have extensive use of both types over many years and things have changed a lot in that time.

Going back 20 years most hearing aids were of a similar quality. The capabilities were similar from the various manufacturers. The emphasis was solely on increasing the level of sound and giving the wearer a better quality of hearing.

NHS model capability.

NHS hearing aids have become better in terms of sound quality. My current model is manufactured by Oticon. They are one of the leading manufacturers in the world and the sound quality is very good. They have a T (telecoil) setting that allows me to link to any loop system.

I can also link to other devices through Bluetooth and they have a volume control button. They also look a lot better than the old brown models that were the standard.

NHS hearing aids also come with free batteries for life and free aftercare. With batteries only lasting, at most, 10 days maximum and tubes etc needing to be replaced on a regular basis, this a major plus in their favour.

Private model capability.

I have tried and tested some of the very latest models available on the private market. The difference between them and the NHS models are astounding. Technology has developed to such an extent that there is very little the latest models cannot do.

hearing aids linked to apple
The ReSound LiNX 7

One of the models I have tested is the Resound LiNX 7(read my review here). I was completely blown away by the level of technology encased within such a small device. Just a few examples of this are,

The smart App. This allows your phone to interact with your smart device such as phones, iPads, iPods etc…

17 Sound Processing Channels.

Noise Tracker.

Sound Shaper.

Binaural Directionality.

Tinnitus Sound Generator.

Music Mode.

These are only a very few of the capabilities of modern hearing aids. The range of connectivity with other devices and the technological advances in sound quality make privately bought hearing aids way more advanced than their NHS counterparts.

The downside to these modern bought devices is the price. Whilst you can buy good quality, basic hearing aids for as little as £250, if you want the all singing, all dancing models then you can expect to fork out around £2000 per aid.


My conclusions.

NHS hearing aids play a vital role in maintaining the nations hearing health. Whilst they are fairly basic in their capability they are ideal for first-time users. Getting hearing aids for the first time is a major step. Getting used to them can be problematic for a lot of people.

It seems pointless to me to go out and spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on a set of hearing aids, only to find that they don’t suit or that you cannot adapt to them. It is better to get used to and comfortable with NHS devices before looking further afield.

Once you are comfortable wearing hearing aids, then you can decide to broaden your horizons and look for a device that enhances your hearing experience and gives you the very best quality of hearing health.

There are lots of things you need to take into consideration when buying hearing aids from the high street. I have set out a step by step guide on how to go about doing so in order for you to get the very best device for your particular circumstances. Read my post here (How to cost hearing aids – The ultimate buyers guide).

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Hearing A review.

Resound LiNX² 7 hearing aids. Buy them here.

hearing aids linked to apple
The ReSound LiNX 7


Doro Mobile Phones

PRODUCT – DORO PHONEEASY 612 EXTRA LOUD AMPLIFIED MOBILE PHONE.Doro PhoneEasy 612 amplified mobile phone

COST – £84.99







Manufacturers Doro are one of the world’s leading names in the provision of amplified phones for the hard of hearing community. The PhoneEasy 612 model is an excellent example of how Doro mobile phones can help people with hearing loss without having to cost a fortune.


Who is the PhoneEasy 612 model for?

The Doro PhoneEasy 612 is the ideal amplified mobile phone for those looking to balance price, amplification, and style. The Doro PhoneEasy 612 is much louder than a standard mobile phone.


With a voice volume of up to 35db, around 10 times louder than regular mobiles, and a ringer volume of up to 83db, which is about 5 times louder than generic mobile phones, you no longer have to worry about missing the phone ring or miss out on valuable conversational details.


The Pros and Cons of the PhoneEasy 612.

The Pros.

The Doro 612 offers a unique combination of functionality with simplicity, meaning that whilst you may still wish to use an amplified mobile phone for taking the odd ‘Kodak Moment’ (a superb 2M Megapixel camera is included), you can still loudly hear calls without compromising on clarity.


The PhoneEasy 612 has been designed to provide modern day features in a mobile but keep things simple and easy to use. The stylish handset has the added benefit of answering and ending calls by simply opening and closing the phone, speed dial, assistance button, Bluetooth and more.


This extra loud PhoneEasy model would make the ideal replacement for an existing modern mobile phone where the user is simply looking to make calls easier to hear and not wishing to lose out on style to do so.


This model is sim free so can be used with any existing pay as you go or contract sim. Alternatively, you can use a new sim card if you desire.


It is also hearing aid compatible, meaning it can be used in conjunction with your hearing aids as long as they have the telecoil or “T” setting.


The Cons.

I honestly cannot find a genuine fault with this phone. For the price and functionality of the device, it is simply a great mobile phone. Of course, you can find amplified mobiles that can do much more, such as email, streaming, internet etc… but the PhoneEasy 612 does exactly what it says on the tin and can’t be faulted for that.Doro PhoneEasy 612 amplified mobile phone


Here come the technical parts.


  • 35dB voice volume (about 10 times louder than a standard mobile)
  • 83dB ringer volume (about 5 times louder than a standard mobile)
  • 7 Volume settings



  • Colour display
  • Display size (H x W mm) 49 x 36
  • Resolution (H x W pixels) 320 x 240
  • Handset size (mm) 101 x 52 x 20
  • Handset weight including battery (g) 103
  • Headset outlet (3.5mm)
  • Standby time (up to hours) 533
  • Talk time (up to hours) 12
  • Battery included (type) 800mAh Li-ion
  • GSM (Tri-band) 900/1800/1900
  • Bluetooth
  • Charging cable and headset included


Main Features.

  • Speakerphone
  • VGA – 2M Megapixel Camera
  • SMS with predictive text and MMS
  • 300 number phonebook
  • 3 one-touch speed dials
  • Visual ring indicator
  • Vibrating ringer
  • Backlit keypad
  • Key tone
  • Startup wizard – great feature which guides you through phone menu and functions
  • FM-radio
  • Assistance button
  • Calculator
  • Games
  • Calendar with reminder
  • Wake up alarm
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency)


My summary of the Doro PhoneEasy 612

For those hard of hearing people who want their phone to do the basics very well such as call, text etc… then this phone is made just for you. The additional stuff such as an alarm, calculator, radio and ICE are excellent bonuses on a phone at this price.Doro PhoneEasy 612 amplified mobile phone


The large number buttons and simplicity of the face design will also make this phone ideal for elderly people. It is a stylish looking model and I firmly believe that Doro has given us a phone that people can be very content with.


Why buy from Hearing


When reviewing products I think it is just as important to look at the supplier. After some bad experiences with other suppliers, I began to use Hearing a number of years ago. They have a very extensive range of hearing aids as well as other assistive listening devices.

I have found their quality of service to be second to none. From the beginning, you will be put in contact with one of their fully qualified audiologists rather than a sales person. Their attention to detail is fantastic. The reasons I am happy to recommend them are,

  • A chance to make a saving – given their competitive pricing. As they’re an online company, they have significantly fewer overheads than those on the high street. It means any savings they make can be passed on to their customers.

  • A speedy delivery service – means you can order your hearing aid today either via their Customer Care Help Line or the Internet and they will endeavour to get the device delivered to you as early as tomorrow.

  • Free professional advice – is available when buying one of their hearing aids. They have a team of qualified hearing aid audiologists on standby to answer any questions you may have concerning hearing requirements, performance related issues or fitting enquiries. All you have to do is ask.

  • Hearing aids are pre-programmed – to assume a high-frequency requirement most commonly linked to age-related hearing loss. They can, however, be altered to meet your specific needs. All you need to do is send them your most recent audiogram to and they will reset it accordingly.

  • A 30-day money back guarantee – means you can return the product and receive a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied with the purchase. This is the most important one of all. It allows to you try the devices for a full month to make sure that it is exactly what you want and need.




Other Doro mobile phones.




Reviews for the Doro PhoneEasy 612 Mobile.


Easy peasy.

Review by Chrissie Cow, Ossett (Posted on 31/10/2016).

Bought this two weeks ago and glad I did. Very easy to use, straightforward. Ideal just for texting and phone, it also has a camera so I can take pics and send them to my friends. Very clear sound and easy to read even without wearing my glasses and you can even make the text size larger if needed. Excellent for older people and beginners or anyone who wants just a straightforward phone.



Review by LEE. (Posted on 04/09/2016).

A GREAT PHONE, BUT NO VIEDO, CAMERA. (Actually, there is a camera!!!!!)


I recently purchased the Doro PhoneEasy …

Review by Les Maber (Posted on 13/05/2014).

I recently purchased the Doro PhoneEasy 612 and as pleased as punch with it. Very loud if you need it that way but can be toned down. For the price and easy use it is as good as it gets very clear and light. You would have to go a long way to beat it.




As always, thank you for visiting my website. I welcome all feedback and comments. Please leave any below and I will answer them as soon as possible.







Resound Hearing Aids Prices


PRICE – £1695.00





The Resound Enzo2 9 hearing aid represents the very latest in hearing technology. This is the latest model on release from GN Resound, who are a very well respected manufacturer. Resound hearing aids prices tend to be at the higher limit due to the technology involved.


As I state continuously throughout this website, buying hearing aids can be a daunting experience for people, particularly first time users. Do you go with a cheap model to see what they are like or do you go all in and get the very best available.


My 6 point guide (click here) will steer you in the right direction. My advice has always been to look at your purchase of new hearing aids as an investment in your hearing health and quality of life.


Get the very best hearing aids you can possibly afford but make sure that you use a reputable supplier. If you follow the guide that I have drawn up and have used countless times then you buy with total confidence.


Who are the Resound Enzo2 9 hearing aids for?

These ingenious devices are for pretty much anyone, including those with a severe to profound hearing loss. The vast majority of hearing aids are aimed at those with a mild to moderate hearing loss. Seeing one aimed at those at the other end of the scale and full of technological wizardry is long overdue.


The Enzo2 9 is the premium superpower hearing aid in the ReSound range and is compatible with iPhone. This surprisingly small, Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aid supersedes the earlier Enzo 9 model.


It sports twice the processing power as the previous generation and can operate in the most challenging of listening environments. In fact, Enzo’s Smart™ hearing technology has turned this model into one of the most powerful hearing aids available.


Why is the Resound Enzo2 9 so special?

What makes these devices so special is the level of connectivity and the technology available to make your hearing experience the best that it can possibly be.


The ReSound Enzo2 9 is fully compatible with Apple, so you can stream music or listen to the news by simply downloading the Smart App. Your hearing aids will become wireless headphones, enabling you to access FaceTime, movies and phone calls with ease.


Resound Enzo2 9 hearing aid styles


Your Apple device can double as a remote control, to discreetly adjust the volume or program settings for your hearing aids.


Those with an Android phone can also enjoy connectivity but will need to use a ReSound Phone Clip+ accessory. Ideal for those with a severe to profound hearing loss, it is especially useful if you often find yourself in challenging listening environments.


Price and features of the Enzo2 9 hearing aid.

The price of this device, at £1695.00, is certainly towards the higher price bracket. As much as I would love to see all hearing aids priced at a far lower rate, this is the best price that I have come across for this particular model.


It justifies this price due to the level of technology contained within. Here are the main features of this model and what they actually mean to the wearer in terms of the benefits to your hearing.


The key features.

  • 17 Sound Frequency Channels – ensure your hearing aids can be adapted to fit with your personal hearing requirements.
  • Four Memory Programs – so you can customise your hearing aids to suit your needs.
  • Comfort Phone Program – enables your hearing aids to switch to the telephone mode, which in turn reduces background noise so you can concentrate on your conversation.


  • Advanced Noise Tracker II – makes listening more comfortable in noisy listening environments without impacting on speech clarity.


  • DFS Ultra II System – provides significant amplification yet filters out unwanted feedback such as whistling.


  • AutoScope Adaptive Directionality – enhances speech sound whilst minimising distracting background noise. It’s possible to set the program to focus specifically on one conversation or widen the focus when in a group environment.


  • Binaural Environmental Optimizer – driven by a 2.4 GHz processor allows your hearing aids to synchronise and work together to get the very best out of your listening environment.


  • Binaural Directionality II – ensures you benefit from the optimal sound quality and spatial awareness possible when wearing two hearing aids.


  • Surround Sound – enables you to hear conversations around you and work out the source.


  • Synchronised Softswitching Program – allows the hearing aids to automatically adapt to a change in environment so as to maximise speech clarity and comfort.


  • Advanced Wind Noise Reduction – eradicates wind noise, leaving you free to hear the conversation around you.


  • iSolate nanotech™ – provides a water resistant coating to help protect all the internal components against dust, wax and moisture.


  • Compatible with Apple – when using the Smart App you can connect directly to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the Apple Watch without the need for any other accessories.


  • GeoTag via Smart App – memorises specific settings for certain locations, so the next time you visit an area your hearing aid will adjust accordingly. You can even use the Smart App to find your hearing aids when lost.


  • ReSound Unite Wireless Accessories – are available and work in conjunction with the Enzo2 9 including the Phone Clip+ and TV Streamer.

Are there any negatives to the Resound Enzo2 9 hearing aid.

Difficult as it may seem but I do have one issue with these devices. Whilst their compatibility with Apple products will prove to be a major hit, I think the manufacturer could have pushed the boat out and offered the same level of access to other smartphone users.


If you have a smartphone you can still enjoy all the benefits that Apple users get but you will have to fork out that bit extra for “a ReSound Phone Clip+ accessory.” Given the price of the device itself, I feel that this a burden people could do without.


Why buy the Resound Enzo2 9 from Hearing

When investing in hearing devices that cost this sort of money, you want to ensure that you are dealing with a very reputable supplier. You don’t just want someone who supplies the hearing aid. You want a supplier that will go the extra mile before, during and most importantly after the sale.


When reviewing products I think it is just as important to look at the supplier. After some bad experiences with other suppliers, I began to use Hearing a number of years ago. They have a very extensive range of hearing aids as well as other assistive listening devices.

I have found their quality of service to be second to none. From the beginning, you will be put in contact with one of their fully qualified audiologists rather than a sales person. Their attention to detail is fantastic. The reasons I am happy to recommend them are,

  • A chance to make a saving – given their competitive pricing. As they’re an online company, they have significantly fewer overheads than those on the high street. It means any savings they make can be passed on to their customers.

  • A speedy delivery service – means you can order your hearing aid today either via their Customer Care Help Line or the Internet and they will endeavour to get the device delivered to you as early as tomorrow.100% satisfaction

  • Free professional advice – is available when buying one of their hearing aids. They have a team of qualified hearing aid audiologists on standby to answer any questions you may have concerning hearing requirements, performance related issues or fitting enquiries. All you have to do is ask.

  • Hearing aids are pre-programmed – to assume a high-frequency requirement most commonly linked to age-related hearing loss. They can, however, be altered to meet your specific needs. All you need to do is send them your most recent audiogram to and they will reset it accordingly.

  • A 60-day money back guarantee – means you can return the product and receive a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied with the purchase. This is the most important one of all. It allows to you try the devices for a full month to make sure that it is exactly what you want and need.

My summary.

Whilst these hearing aids are expensive, I can’t help but marvel at the level of technology that has been squeezed into such a small device. The main features will ensure that the wearer will have an exceptional listening experience.


The compatibility with the full range of Apple products means that users can now experience a level of connectivity that could only have been dreamed about a few short years ago.


They are one of the best hearing aids I have come across. Yes, they cost a lot of money but if having a hearing device that can do just about everything is what you want then it is a price well worth paying.




As always, thank you for visiting my website. I really appreciate all comments and suggestions. You can leave them below and I will answer them all as soon as possible.




How To Cost Hearing Aids.


I am often asked to comment on the price of hearing aids. What I generally tell people is the price you can afford is the best price to pay. The question people should be asking is, how to cost hearing aids?


various types of hearing aids


Purchasing a hearing aid should be looked upon as an investment. It shouldn’t be treated like buying a pair of shoes or a new pair of jeans. It shouldn’t be treated like just another thing that you must have.


Purchasing a hearing aid is about making an investment in you hearing health. It is about purchasing something that will add to the quality of your everyday life. Due to the cost involved, it is a decision you will want to get right.


Is there a formula or a guide on how to cost hearing aids?

The short answer is yes. I have developed a 6 point plan for anyone who needs to purchase a new or even a first time hearing aid. This guide will walk you through the process to ensuring that you get the hearing aid that you need and one that will meet your individual needs for many years to come.


What not to do.


Before I outline my 6 point plan, I would like to tell you what NOT to do. I am severely hard of hearing. I have lived with hearing loss most of my 50 years. I am a long-term hearing aid wearer and have had more than a dozen different types of devices.


If you are diagnosed with hearing loss, please don’t panic. Most people’s first reaction is to rush out and buy the first thing that someone recommends. In most cases, this will be a disaster. The hearing aids won’t work as you would expect them to and you end up thinking that all hearing aids are the same.


Hearing loss is a very complex issue and therefore buying hearing aids can be a complex issue too. Use my 6 point plan outlined here and you will end up with the best value device that is ideal for your individual needs.




Step 1.

Know your hearing loss level.

Not all hearing loss is the same and you need to know your level. There are 4 main levels of hearing loss. They are mild, moderate, severe and profound. Hearing aids are manufactured to deal with particular levels of hearing loss.


The most common are mild and moderate. These two are most closely associated with age-related hearing loss but can affect people at any age. The only way to know your hearing loss level is to get it checked.

Free hearing test


The best way to get your hearing level checked is through a professional audiologist. I highly recommend this. This is the starting point when buying a hearing aid. Without having this information you are simply rolling a dice and hoping for the best.


Your local medical centre can tell you where to get this simple test done. Most hearing aid suppliers will also be able to perform this test. Just remember, just because you get the test done in a certain place, you shouldn’t feel obliged to purchase a device from that supplier.


When you have the test done ask the audiologist for a copy of your audiogram. Even if there is a small cost for this it will give you much more freedom when you begin shopping for your hearing aid.


Step 2.

The various types of device.

You now know your level of hearing loss. It is time to begin the search for the right device for you.


You will need to know the type (or style) of hearing aid that you want to wear. This can be broken down into two main types. Some manufacturers have subcategories within these but they are,


ITE (In the ear) hearing aids. These are also called hidden hearing aids. The device sits inside the ear with nothing showing from the outside. They are particularly suitable for people who are a bit self-conscious about wearing hearing aids.


Due to the extremely small nature of these devices, they tend to have a limited level of technology. However, as technology advances, I would expect to see this improve in a very short period of time.


BTE (Behind the ear) hearing aids. These are still by far the most popular type of hearing aid. They generally consist of a small case that sits behind the ear. This case is connected to a receiver that sits inside the ear canal via a thin piece of plastic tubing.


With these devices the amount of technology available to you is vast. From iPhone and smartphone connectivity to remote control use, the possibilities are almost limitless for the wearer.


Step 3.

Where will you use your hearing aids?

Knowing where you will be using your hearing aids will help you to determine what level of technology they will need to have. Some people, like myself, wear them all the time. Others will only wear them around the home for watching television etc….


Home – If you only need a hearing aid for watching television, listening to the radio or for conversation in the home then a fairly basic model would be fine for you.


Work – If you are involved in telephone calls or conference calls or regular meetings then you may want to look at a device with a T setting. This can allow you to connect your hearing aid to a loop system to make hearing at work


Social outings – If you regularly go to places such as pubs/clubs, restaurants or the theatre then as well as a T setting, you may also want to look at background noise control.


The point of this step is to look at as wide a range of places and environments you will use your hearing aids as possible. The benefit of this will be seen in the next step when you are deciding what level of technology you want in your device.


Step 4.

What level of technology do you want in your hearing aid?

Once you know your level of hearing loss (step1), the style you would like (step 2) and where you will be wearing your hearing aid (step 3) you can begin to match particular models to your individual needs.


Getting the basic technology that covers the first 3 steps is essential. These 3 steps cover your everyday living. Once you have them covered you can begin to look at additional technology to enhance your hearing aid experience even further.


The key at this stage is to look at as many different models as you can. You can check out hundreds of different types online to see what would suit your needs. Just type “hearing aids” into google and you will have a world of options at your disposal.


Here are two examples of the different levels of technology available in modern hearing aids.


Example 1.

HD 150 Digital hearing aid. (review here)


This particular model would be suitable for someone who uses a hearing aid mainly for home use such as watching television or listening to the radio or just talking at home. It would cost £169.00 Its main features are,


In-the-ear digital hearing aiddiscreet hearing aid

Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss

Two sound processing channels

Wax barrier to protect the device against dirt and moisture

Feedback shield to eradicate unwanted whistling

3 tips varying in size can help eradicate whistling or improve comfort

12 months full manufacturers warranty

Uses a 10A battery


Example 2.

The ReSound LiNX 7 Digital hearing aid. (review here)


This a much more advanced model and comes with a multitude of modern technology. With this model, you can work, rest and play and it will cope with it all. It would cost £1395.00 and it features,


SmartApp – is available from the Apple Store. It facilitates maximum connectivity between your Apple device and your hearing aid, by providing the following functions:


Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset – if you want to listen to some music, your hearing aids can be turns into a surround sound stereo headset at a click of a button.


Audio Streaming Program – enables sound to be streamed directly to your iPhone or alternative Apple device, making listening to music or taking part in a telephone conversation a simple and rewarding experience.


Remote Microphone – turn your Apple device into a remote microphone for those times when you find yourself in a challenging listening environment.


Remote Control for your hearing aids – can be conducted via your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You can discreetly adjust volume, base and program settings whenever you choose.


Geo Tag your favourite places – with the settings to match that particular environment. Upon your return to the same area, your hearing aids will adjust automatically.


SmartRange Dual Core Platform – facilitates access to FaceTime, Skype, TV, films, and music by processing high-quality sound wirelessly to your hearing aid.

Sound Shaper – helps to improve the clarity of speech.

Binaural Fusion – with 2.4 GHz of wireless capability, your hearing aids are designed to communicate with each other to produce the very best sound.

hearing aids linked to apple
The ReSound LiNX 7

Environmental Optimiser – reduces wind interference and background noise, to enable your hearing aid to produce excellent clarity even in more challenging listening environments.

Natural Directionality Program – creates a natural and equalised sound by enabling the microphone settings to be adjusted according to the direction of the speech you wish to focus on.

iSolate Nanotech coating – offers dust and moisture resistant protection, prolonging the life of your hearing device.

17 Sound Frequency Channels – provides greater choice when programming your hearing aid to suit your personal requirements.

Surround Sound Technology – provides an organic, natural listening experience.

Synchronised Soft Switching – means that your hearing aids can adapt automatically to compensate for loud or unexpected noise, reducing levels to a more comfortable level when required.

Comfort Phone Program – allows your ‘phone ear’ to receive enhanced volume so that speech is highlighted, while the other hearing aid reduces the background noise around you. This provides focus and clarity to your telephone conversation.

Three memory programs – allow you to adjust your hearing aids according to your personal requirements.


As you can see the differences are massive. You need to spend as much time as you can on this step of the process. The easiest way to do this step is to find an online supplier. You will have all the information in front of you regarding the technology available for any particular device.


Step 5.

Set your budget and stick to it.

At the very beginning of this article, I said that the price you can afford is the best price to pay for a hearing aid. I stand by that statement. I will repeat, buying a hearing aid is an investment in your hearing health and your quality of life.


However, I would never advocate spending what you can’t afford. You need to be realistic. If you can afford to go for the very best then do so. Being able to hear properly can’t be costed. The true value of hearing loss can only ever be measured when you have it.


My advice is to set yourself a budget and stick to it. Even if you have to save up for a while to get the price you have in mind, once you get there then set that as your upper limit.


Do not allow yourself to be pressurised by salespeople trying to sell you the most expensive model on the market. If you have done your research and gone through steps 1 to 4 then you will know what you need and want from your hearing aid.


Here is my formula for buying the right hearing aid for you.




Step 6.

Use a reputable supplier.

This is perhaps the most important step of all. You are about to invest a lot of money in purchasing a device that is going to affect your quality of life. You want to make sure that the company you buy from have the very highest of standards.Premium quality


There are a number of things you should consider when looking at a supplier of hearing aids.


1. Expertise and knowledge. They should have fully qualified audiologists available to speak to potential customers and people who just need advice. These people should understand hearing health. They should be able to go through your audiogram in detail and discuss what type of hearing aid will work for you and more importantly, what type of device will not work for your individual needs.


2. The range of hearing aids. You should look at a supplier who has a wide range of hearing aids. If they only sell one or two models then they are going to try and sell you those models. If they have a wide selection from different manufacturers then you will have access to the best possible choice.


3. Their price range. You will want your supplier to have a range of prices from fairly cheap models right up to the very elite hearing aids available on the market. This will make it easier for you to find a model within your budget.


4. Their aftercare program. Your supplier should offer a comprehensive aftercare program that includes all repairs and fine tuning for your hearing aids for the lifetime of the device.


5. Guarantees and warranties. Your supplier should offer both of these. Your hearing aids should always come with a minimum of a 12-month manufacturers warranty. I would also recommend that you use a supplier who offers at least a 30-day return policy from the day you purchase your hearing aids. This will give you plenty of time to ensure that the devices are perfect for you.


I have recommended a supplier called HEARING DIRECT.COM on this website. I am happy to do so again here. I have used this company many times in the past and find everything about them to be ultra professional. You will find a full review of them here.


Your 6 point guide Summary.

Step 1. Know your hearing loss level. Get your hearing tested by an audiologist.


Step 2. Decide what type of device you want. Either ITE (in the ear) or BTE (behind the ear).


Step 3. Decide where you will need your device. At home, work and social settings.


Step 4. The level of technology. Make sure your device covers steps 1,2 and 3. Everything else is a bonus.


Step 5. Set your budget and stick to it. This is an investment. Don’t be sold something you don’t need.


Step 6. Use a reputable supplier. Only use a supplier you can trust.


I hope that this ultimate guide proves to be as useful to you as it has been to me in the past. Purchasing a hearing aid is too important to leave to chance. Your hearing health and quality of life are too important to be left totally in the hands of others.


Take control of purchasing your hearing aids. Know what you want. Know what you need. Know what you can afford. This is your hearing health. This is your quality of life. Use this guide and get what is right for you.100% satisfaction


If you have a particular model of hearing aid that you would like my opinion on or for me to review then please get I touch and I will be happy to help out.


As always I welcome all comments and suggestions. Please leave them below and I will reply to them as soon as possible. Take care and good hearing health to you all.




Digital Hearing Aids. HD 430 RIC.


PRICE – £499 (UK) – $649 (USA).







Discreet hearing aids are becoming increasingly popular and they don’t come much more discreet than the HD 430 RIC device. This tiny digital hearing aid looks good when worn. It also packs a powerful punch for something so small.


Although it is classed as a traditional behind the ear (BTE) model, this device is very difficult to detect when worn. The case is connected to the receiver by a very thin transparent tube. The receiver sits inside the ear canal and the case is almost unseen sitting behind the ear.


The HD 430 can be bought ready to wear. It requires no fitting nor even a hearing test. It is fully programmable with your latest audiogram. Simply send this to hearing and you will have your device delivered within a couple of days.


Who is the HD 430 (UK) or HD 430 (USA) suitable for?

This device is suitable for anyone with a mild to moderate hearing loss. The exceptional features make it ideal for a number of different environments. It can be worn at work, doing sports and is particularly good in social situations such as restaurants etc….


For those people with a higher degree of hearing loss, hearing can offer a wide range of alternatives with similar features and the same degree of discreetness.


The Pros and Cons of the HD 430

The Pros.


Highlights of this hearing aid include the hydro-guard, a water-resistant coating that acts as a barrier against moisture and dirt. This, in turn, can help to increase the lifespan of the device.HD 430 RIC Hearing discreet


You can focus on a conversation within a crowded restaurant, thanks to directional twin microphone and speech enhancement technology. Distracting background noise is filtered out, leaving you with a purer more natural sound.


With multiple memory settings and 16 sound processing channels, your device can be programmed to adapt to a number of your favorite listening environments and can operate according to your individual hearing requirements.


It also has a telecoil facility, perfect for keeping you connected. It operates using a 312 battery, providing you with a battery life that is impressive for the size of the hearing aid.


The Cons.


There isn’t really a downside to this ingenious device. If I am being overly critical, then I would have to point out that the HD 430 doesn’t have the connectivity to smartphones and other devices that some other hearing aids have.


This is purely a personal opinion regarding connectivity. At the price range of the HD 430, you get much more than most devices would have. If being able to connect your hearing aid to your iPhone or smartphone doesn’t matter to you then this device would score a perfect 5.


The key features of the HD 430 (UK) or HD 430 (USA)

  • Receiver-in-canal digital hearing aid
  • Hydro-guard – acts as a barrier to both moisture and dirt
  • Discreet and compact
  • Feedback Shield – aims to eradicate unwanted whistling
  • Tele-coil compatible
  • Adaptive speech enhancement – making it easier to follow a conversation
  • Dual directional microphones – helps to distinguish between speech and background noise by using a trademarked tracking technology
  • Environmental classification noise reduction – means the hearing aid intuitively adapts according to speech versus noise ratio in your immediate vicinity
  • Powered by a 312 battery
  • Low battery warning indicator
  • 16 sound processing channels
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 12 months manufacturer’s warranty
  • Multi-memory options – designed to fit with different listening environments.

As you can see this small wonder really packs a punch in terms of the technology inside it. There are a lot of more expensive models on the market that don’t contain half of the features of the HD 430. It really does stand alone in its class.

HD 430 RIC Hearing aid.


Tool and training for the HD 430.

If bought through hearing you will be able to download the user manual. This will have all the instructions to enable you to get the most out of your new device.


You will also have access to three videos showing,


HD430RIC Insertion and Removal.

HD430RIC Cleaning and Maintenance.

HD430RIC Battery Insertion and Operation.


Support from Hearing Direct (UK) or Hearing Direct (USA)

I have been using hearing for a number of years and would thoroughly recommend them if you are considering buying a new hearing aid. These devices aren’t cheap and you should always look to buy from a reputable supplier. With Hearing you will get,


  • We aim to save you money – with our competitive pricing on quality hearing aids. Being an online company, our overheads are significantly lower than those on the high street, so we can afford to pass those savings on to you. Simple.


  • A fast and efficient delivery service – if you live in the UK and order online or via our dedicated phone service today, your purchase could arrive as early as tomorrow.


  • Free advice from a qualified hearing aid audiologist is available when purchasing one of our hearing aids. They are there to answer any questions relating to your specific hearing needs including performance or fitting issues.


  • Pre-programmed hearing aids are initially set up assuming a high-frequency requirement most commonly attributed to age-related hearing loss. We can, however, personalize the device to reflect your specific hearing requirements if you send us your most recent audiogram to our email address 430 Digital hearing aid.


  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, return it within 30 days and you can receive a full refund.

(sourced from the hearing website)

You can check out my full review on Hearing here.

Final summary.

The HD 430 RIC is a top quality receiver-in-canal hearing aid bursting with the latest technological advancements. It’s small, sleek, design means you can wear it with confidence and enjoy listening to the world around you. Given the impressive specification of this hearing aid, it really does represent outstanding value for money.


For UK customers get the HD 430 HERE.

             For USA customers get the HD 430 HERE.


1 customer review.


Excellent clarity

Review by Edward J Harborne (Posted on 22/12/2016)

I live in France and purchased from Hearing Direct the HD 430 RIC hearing aid.
I have had cheap ones in the past which have not had good sound and also some years ago a very expensive in-ear unit costing £2500 and after 3 years broke down and they wanted Euro 1000 to repair it.
The new unit has excellent clarity and background noise suppression. I had a minor problem with feedback but Joan at Hearing direct could not have been more helpful in resolving the problem. This at a fraction of the cost of a unit bought from a hearing
aid specialist shop.





The Perfect Choice HD Hearing Aid

PRODUCT – HD 150 DIGITAL HEARING AID.tiny hearing aids

PRICE – £169.00


RATING – 4.9 OUT OF 5.


The HD 150 is a hearing aid very much at the cheaper end of the pricing scale. This small device punches way above its weight. It is a quality digital model. For those on a budget, it is the perfect choice HD hearing aid.


Who would the HD 150 digital hearing aid be suitable for?

It is ideally suited for anyone with a mild to moderate hearing loss. This group make up the vast majority of people with hearing difficulty so most hard of hearing people could use this device.


The price of the HD 150 is a big attraction. At £169.00 it will suitably fit within most people’s budget. Normally at this price, you would expect to see some compromise on sound quality but that is not the case with this model.


The Pros and Cons of the HD 150.

The Pros.

The HD 150 certainly has a lot going for it. The size of the device means that it fits snugly inside the ear. This is a particularly important factor for those who like their hearing aids to be discreet.discreet hearing aid


The key features of the HD 150 are,


In-the-ear digital hearing aid

Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss

Two sound processing channels

Wax barrier to protect the device against dirt and moisture

Feedback shield to eradicate unwanted whistling

3 tips varying in size can help eradicate whistling or improve comfort

12 months full manufacturers warranty

Uses a 10A battery


This fantastic device is a case of ‘one size fits all’.


When you receive your HD 150 Hearing Aid, you can try inserting the device to see if any adjustments are required. If you experience a whistling sound once fitted, or if it feels uncomfortable, then you need to try one of the tips provided. There are three silicon tips to choose from, small, medium or large. Select a tip and push it onto the end of the HD 150 before inserting it back into your ear.


The Cons.

It is hard to criticise the HD 150. For such a small device with so many features, it really is a standout hearing aid. However, in the interests of being totally fair and unbiased, I will make one small suggestion.hidden hearing aids


If the manufacturers could find some way to incorporate a small level of connectivity into the device then it would be absolutely outstanding. I am being really harsh here but having the device connected to a smartphone would make it appealing to even more people.


Video training for the HD 150.

As well as a downloadable instruction manual the HD 150 also comes with access to three short videos when bought from Hearing Again this is something that very few suppliers will provide, especially with a device at this price level.


The three videos available cover,


HD150 Hearing Aid Use and Maintenance.

HD150 Hearing Aid Battery Insertion and Removal.

HD150 Hearing Aid Insertion and Removal.


Support from Hearing when buying the HD 150.

Save money – being an online business, we have fewer overheads than many high street stores. We provide quality products at exceptional prices, which you can access from your own home.


Qualified hearing aid audiologists – all our hearing aids come with complimentary access to a qualified hearing aid audiologist to discuss any fitting or performance related issues along with any other questions you may have about your hearing.


Simple and efficient delivery service – place your order today either online or via our phone service and we can deliver your hearing aid as early as tomorrow.


Small and unobtrusive – this in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid is barely visible when worn. Being so compact, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!


One size fits all the HD 150 comes supplied with three silicon fitting tips to ensure a comfortable fit. It’s a simple process that doesn’t require individual ear impressions.invisible hearing aid


30-day money back guarantee – if you’re not satisfied with your hearing aid, just return it to us within 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund.


I have personally used the services of hearing for a number of years and have bought various devices from them. The level of service and quality of their products are second to none. I recommend them because I use them and trust them 100%.


My final opinion of the HD 150 Digital hearing aid.

It is not often that I find products that I can give an unreserved recommendation to. With the HD family of hearing aids, I have found a group of devices that I think are fantastic value for money. The quality is also unbeatable in my opinion.


The HD 150 will outperform any other device in its price range. From the “one size fits all” feature through to its outstanding sound quality this really is a digital hearing aid for all occasions.




The other members of the HD range are.

The HD 250. (review here)

The HD 390. (review here)

The HD 500. (review here)


As always thank you for visiting my site. I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Please leave any you have below. I will answer them all as soon as possible.


I will leave you with some reviews of the outstanding HD 150 Digital hearing aid.




Review by Babs Thomson (Posted on 16/09/2016).

Been buying really expensive in-ear hearing aids for more than 20 yrs, But apart from being custom made, there is very little if any difference in the manufacturing or quality to these purchased from Hearing Direct, plus a massive saving on hearing aids and batteries. great value and excellent service.


Review by Roy Hall (Posted on 16/07/2016).

I agree with other comments on the hearing value, however, my only negative comments would be – the ‘whistling’ which is always there when fitting’ and afterwards when combing or fixing one’s hair. My other comment would be the ‘Ear fit’ I could not get the aid to fit snug! consequently, it would come loose in which it did, then fell on the floor where I stood on it without noticing!


This hearing aid is excellent quality.

Review by Norman Reed (Posted on 22/12/2015).

This hearing aid is excellent quality amazing results for such a small hearing aid, long battery life for such a small battery fits comfortably in the ear I wear mine all day and don’t know it’s there. Excellent customer service and I would recommend this hearing aid to anybody that wants quality with a very sensible price.


Sincere thanks for your magnificent price.

Review by A C Brown (Posted on 01/12/2015).

Sincere thanks for your magnificent product!! I ordered the basic hearing aid for my left ear. I have been wearing Opticon hearing aid for 8 years but the one for my left ear packed up, Hence my order for your hearing aid for my left ear. It arrived this morning; I put in a battery and placed it in my ear. The result was immediate and terrific. I am now listening to French television and understanding every word. As soon as my right ear aid packs up I shall be ordering a new one from your Company. A sincere testimonial of greatness and gratitude.


Excellent unit and first class service…

Review by Keith Pritchard (Posted on 08/11/2015).

Excellent unit and first class service


The hearing has improved a lot, once your useD T

Review by Barry Wignall (Posted on 13/08/2015).

Hearing has improved a lot, once your used to them it’s brilliant 10/10





What Is The Cost Of Hearing Aids

Much is made of the cost of hearing aids. They can vary from a few dollars to thousands. It is a topic that continues to create debate but people get confused about what’s a hearing aid and what’s not.

HD 430 RIC Hearing aid.
Typical hearing aid.


If you type “What is the cost of hearing aids?” into google, you will get thousands of responses. For those of us who wear them, it is a very relevant question. Hearing aids for people like me are the difference between a life of almost total silence or the ability to experience sound like everyone else.


In order to appreciate the cost of hearing aids, we need to understand them and what they do. To misuse an old saying, a hearing aid is a hearing aid unless it’s not!!


Different types and prices.

There appears to be a bit of confusion as to what is and what isn’t a hearing aid. The type of device you get will have a direct relation to the price you have to pay. There are three main categories.


Amplified devices.

medi fit hearing aid
Basic sound amplifier

These are not classified as hearing aids. They are simply a device to make whatever sound they pick up louder. These devices are at the very bottom of the pricing scale. You will typically pay between £25 to £300. The more expensive models try and pass themselves off as hearing aids but they are not.


A lot of health professionals are very concerned about the sale of these devices without any regulation. They believe that these devices can actually do more harm than good.


The device will amplify any sound it hears. The problem and the danger is that even if it picks up a loud sound it will still amplify that sound which in turn can damage your hearing. Also, in a noisy environment, they will amplify every sound making it impossible for you to follow a conversation.


These devices can be bought from retailers such as Wallmart or Amazon. For a full review click here.


In the ear hearing aids.

These are known as ITE (in the ear) or hidden hearing aids. They are very small devices that sit entirely inside the ear canal. They are hearing aids in the real sense due to the artificial intelligence that they possess.


The artificial intelligence allows these devices to distinguish different sounds. They can block out background sounds and give a greater clarity of hearing to the user.


discreet hearing aid
HD 250 Hidden hearing aid

These types of device are usually only sold by specialist hearing aid retailers. If they are being advertised on Amazon or other places then the chances are they are not a proper hearing aid.


Because they are so small they do not usually contain the same amount of features that you will get with a standard type of hearing aid. The technology is getting better in these devices and you can get them ranging in price from £99 up to £600. Hidden hearing aid review here.


Behind the ear hearing aids.

These are the type of hearing aids that most people identify with. They consist of a case which holds all the technological parts sitting behind the ear. It is connected to the earpiece via a thin hollow tube.


Because the part that sits behind the ear is fairly large, this type of device offers the wearer more options in term of what you want your hearing aid to do for you.


The technology has developed to such a stage that you can have hearing aids that operate from your phone via remote control. They can have full connectivity with your smartphone and television etc…

hearing aids linked to apple
The ReSound LiNX 7


They are also likely to include features such as directional microphones, automatic adaption to different noise environments and feedback shields. Because of this, you can expect to pay anything from £700 up to £2000 for the latest models. Check out the ReSound LiNX 7 model here.


It’s all about personal choice.

The price of hearing aids is relevant to what we need as wearers against what we can afford. Buying a hearing aid is an investment in our hearing health and our quality of life.


From a purely personal point of view, I will try and make sure that I have the very best that I can afford. If that means saving up for a couple of years and paying top dollar then that is what I will do.


For others, it is a case of getting a device that is inexpensive and making do with it. There is no right or wrong in this. People have to make a choice based on what they want a hearing aid to do and how much they can afford to pay.


A basic amplifier will be fine for some people who just want to hear the television a bit better. They can get them very cheap. Other people will want to get the models with all the bells and whistles on. For that, they will have to pay a pretty penny.


One solid piece of advice.

No matter what type of device you think you need, if you want to get the best option for you then you should have a hearing test first. Buying a hearing device without getting tested is a sure fire way to invite trouble.


If your hearing is low there could be any number of factors that could be the cause. It may be that there is a simple blockage and a much more effective solution could be found. Hearing loss can also be a sign of other ailments so the best advice I can give to anybody is to get their hearing checked.


There are two ways you can do this. The first is the traditional way of going to a doctor and asking to be referred to an audiologist for a full hearing test. The benefit of this is that as well as testing your level of hearing, the audiologist can physically check the inside of your ears to rule other things out.

Free hearing test
Audiologist hearing test


Also, by getting checked this way you will have a very accurate reading of your hearing loss which will make the choice of device you require much more narrow. The audiologist will be able to tell you exactly what type of device will work and what will not be suitable for you.


The alternative way to get your hearing checked is an online test. There is still a bit of debate as to the accuracy of these types of test but there is no doubt that the technology is much better today than it was 10 years ago. You can take a FREE online hearing test here. It will only last a few minutes and it is fun to take.


Knowing your level of hearing loss makes choosing a device much easier. With such a wide range of prices and devices available today getting as much information as possible will help you to make the best choice.


With prices ranging from a few pounds/dollars up to a couple of thousand for a single device, it is vital that you get your decision right. After all, what price can you put on your hearing health?


As always, thank you for visiting my website. I am here to help in any way I can. I love getting comments and opinions. Please leave one below. I will answer them all as soon as possible.





The Facts About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is often described as the hidden disability. People can’t see it and therefore tend not to look for the signs of it. As a society we pay little attention to it yet it is one of the most common disabilities out there. Here are some of the facts about hearing loss.


With a world population approaching 7.5 billion, it is estimated that 11% have some form of hearing loss. That equates to a staggering figure of 850 million people worldwide who have some form of hearing impairment.


What are the main causes of hearing loss.


The main causes of hearing loss.



A severe infection can cause damage to the hearing system. Our hearing system is a very delicate and finely balanced operation The small hairs in the inner ear that pick up sound and send them to the brain are easily damaged.


Birth defects.

A lot of research is still needed in this area to try and understand what causes hearing loss at birth. Most people think that babies born deaf have deaf parents. The facts are very different. Over 90% of deaf babies are born to hearing parents.


The aging process.

This is by far the most common area to find hearing loss. Approximately between 30 – 40% of people over the age of 65 have some form of hearing loss. With an increasingly aging population, this problem is only set to get worse.


Head or ear injuries.

This seems like a pretty simple one. If you receive a trauma to the head or ear then the signals that flow from one to the other can be disrupted. However very few people are actually checked for signs of hearing loss after head trauma injury.


Ototoxic reactions to drugs.

There are a range of drugs or medications that are ototoxic, meaning they are particularly toxic to the hearing system. They are commonly found in treatments such as chemotherapy for cancer.


Exposure to excessive noise.

This is one of the most preventative causes of hearing loss but also one of the most ignored. Exposure to loud sounds even over a relatively short period of time can cause permanent damage to our ears. Read “How to prevent hearing loss” here.


Some of the above causes we can do very little about. We all age and with aging the body begins to degenerate. The ears are unfortunately one of the things commonly affected by this.


Some of the other causes can be treated if caught early. If you have had a severe viral infection, a head trauma, been treated with chemotherapy or been exposed to loud noise then it is imperative that you get your hearing checked. The sooner you are diagnosed with a hearing loss the better the treatments can be.


Noise. The preventative hearing loss.

Despite the warnings, people continue to expose themselves to excessive noise levels. It seems people simply don’t believe how quickly their hearing can be damaged by loud music or industrial noise.


Subway hearing damage


Millions of people use subways to commute to work. Very few of them would think for even a minute that the noise they are subject to could damage their hearing.


speaker hearing damage


Most people would probably agree that listening to loud music over a prolonged period of time can damage our hearing. The misconception is the length of time it takes for this to happen. If the Db (decibel) level is high enough, damage can happen in a matter of minutes.


The effect of hearing loss on children.

Hearing loss is still generally thought of as an “old peoples” problem. This is simply not the case. There are more 6 – 9 year olds with some form of hearing loss than there are people aged 45 – 64.



hearing loss by age


Undiagnosed hearing loss in children can have a devastating effect on their whole lives. A child with even a mild hearing loss can miss as much as 50% of a classroom discussion.


effect of hearing loss on children


Any child missing out to this level is going to have other problems. If a child can’t hear what is being said in class then they can’t answer questions. They can’t partake in normal school activities and they tend to withdraw into themselves. This can lead to further difficulties which can have a snowball effect on a childs whole education experience. Read “hearing loss and children” here.


Diagnosing hearing loss.

The lack of routine screening for hearing loss means that millions continue to suffer this condition in silence. It is generally recommended that people have their eyes tested every two years. This should be the same for peoples hearing.


I would go further and say that all children should have their hearing checked every year. The sooner a child has a hearing loss detected then the less disruption there will be to their lives.


Hearing loss diagnosis


With only 16% of doctors routinely screening for hearing loss we are never going to get on top of this problem. The governing bodies and indeed governments need to come up with a plan so that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.


We, as individuals also need to be more aware of our hearing health. People are waiting on average 7 years before seeking help for their hearing loss. That is 7 years where their quality of life has been much less than it could have been.


The facts about hearing loss summary.

Some of the facts outlined above will shock some people. Some will find the sheer numbers of hearing loss people worldwide staggering. Some will be shocked at how quickly noise can affect your hearing.


Others will be shocked to know that there are no screening programmes for children in most of the so called developed world. Yet more will find it hard to believe that people wait for 7 years before seeking help.


Whatever shocks you about the facts, the hope is that articles such as this will make people sit up and take notice.


Do you get your hearing checked regularly? Do you get your children’s hearing checked regularly. You can get a free online hearing test below.


Hearing is one of the senses that gives us our quality of life. Don’t be one of the facts I have outlined above. Take care of your hearing health and have a routine test on a regular basis.




Thank you for stopping by. If I can assist you in any way then please get in touch. I appreciate all suggestions and comments. Please leave them below. I will answer them all as soon as possible. You can also contact me on

Wireless Headphones For TV Listening

PRODUCT – GEEMARC CL7400 WIRELESS TV LISTENERGeemarc CL7400 wirelessTV listener

PRICE – £109.99






For anyone with a hearing difficulty, watching tv with other family members can be a stressful experience. These new wireless headphones for TV listening might just be the answer.


I spent years not hearing what people were saying on the TV. Whilst the rest of the family sat comfortably enjoying our favourite programmes I pretended to follow along. Why? I was too embarrassed to ask for the volume to be turned up.


It was only when I was diagnosed with hearing loss that the TV issue could be tackled. When you have someone with hearing difficulty in the house, watching TV together is a two way problem.


If the TV was up loud enough for me to hear, the rest of the family were deafened (no pun intended). If the volume was ok for them, I couldn’t hear a thing. Watching television


If these wireless headphones had been around a few years ago things would have been a whole lot easier for my long suffering family. Now everyone can enjoy the same program at the same time.


Who are the Geemarc wireless headphones for?

Really anyone can use these headphones. They can be used for TV, a HiFi, an MP3 player or even for listening to videos on Utube from a computer or a handheld device.


Geemarc have been manufacturing devices for the hearing impaired for years. They make alarm clocks, door bells, watches and other assistive listening devices. They have manufactured this product as a solution for hard of hearing people in this particular area.


These headphones would be suitable for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss. Anyone with a severe to profound loss should always consult a medical professional before buying any hearing device.


They are absolutely ideal for someone who is housebound. They are also great for people who don’t have hearing aids but still struggle to hear the TV at a normal volume level. Even if you have hearing aids but don’t have a volume control setting on them, then these are ideal for you.


The Pros and Cons of the Geemarc wireless headphones.

The Pros.

The most obvious benefit to this device is the fact that it is completely wireless. You simply plug the base station into your TV and thats it. No fumbling about with wires or cables. The base station also acts as the charging station for the headphones, so it really is the complete package.


The other main features of these headphones simply add to the high quality of the product. Some of the other features are,


Amplification (up to 125dB)

Balance control left/right

Clear digital sound transmission

Selection of either stereo or mono mode

Base plugs directly into your TV or audio device

Comfortable, lightweight, over-the-head style headset

Braille identification on the headset to the volume key

The headset automatically shuts off after loss of signal after 2 minutes

Multiple additional headband headsets can be used to the same device

8 hours continuous use time: 6 hours charging

Recharges when placed back onto the transmitter.


The Cons.

From a design, comfort and specification point of view, there are no cons that I can see. The reviews shown below bear this out.


The only potential downside is that someone wearing these in a room with other people may feel a bit self conscious. However, headphones are such a common sight in society today that I don’t even think this would be a problem any more.


Is there any training for the Geemarc CL7400 wireless headphones?

There are two methods available for this model. There is a full user guide supplied with the product. Also, if you go to the product page on the HEARING DIRECT.COM website, you can watch the instructional video.Geemarc CL7400 wirelessTV listener


Having gone through the setup and use process for this device I can honestly say that it takes a matter of minutes to have it up and running. Once the initial setup is complete, thats it. You don’t have to do anything further except charge them when required.


What support is available from Hearing

Hearing direct have a reputation second to none when it comes to customer support. They have a team of qualified audiologists on hand to deal with any queries and their response times are excellent.


They offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. This allows you to test run the products for a few weeks to make sure that they do everything you want them to do.


I have been buying from and dealing with this company for a number of years. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending that you can buy from them with full confidence.


My overall summary.

The Geemarc CL7400 wireless TV listener is a fantastic product. They are suitable for just about anyone. People with hearing difficulty will love the clarity of sound and the whole family can now watch television without having to break the sound barrier.


You don’t have to just take my word for it. I have included a number of reviews relating to this product below. If you want a better listening experience for you and your family then this is the device for you.


Get your Geemarc CL7400 wireless TV listener here.


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Product reviews for the Geemarc CL7400 wireless TV listener. (From Hearing



The ear pieces can fold inwards for trav…

Review by Teresa Mowat (Posted on 17/01/2016)The ear pieces can fold inwards for travel! Nice quality to the sound. It amused me to still be able to hear in the kitchen!


Quite simply , minutes to install and fa…

Review by JohnMDC (Posted on 01/01/2016)Quite simply , minutes to install and fantastically easy to use.


I had almost given up watching TV. Now I…

Review by Bill Ferguson (Posted on 24/04/2015)I had almost given up watching TV. Now I can hear everything with absolute clarity even with the sound muted. It is a marvellous device which I would recommend to anyone with a hearing problem. So why only 4 stars? The instruction booklet says that when the base is connected to the electricity, a red light will come on and that after 5 seconds this should be replaced by a green one. Mine stayed red and so I contacted Hearing Direct and was advised to contact Geemarc. Exactly one week ago I emailed Geemarc and I’m still waiting for a reply! The green light did come on after about 24 hours and now the two seem to alternate as they see fit but the good news is that it does not seem to matter. I have no problem with Hearing Direct who despatched the item very promptly and dealt with my complaint instantly. Geemarc’s service is another matter however.


The Geemarc CL7400 headset comes with a …

Review by G Chatley (Posted on 07/02/2014)The Geemarc CL7400 headset comes with a male to male 3.5mm cable which can connected from the transmitter unit to a computer and immediately your horizons are widened to the millions of video programs on the Internet and particularly Utube. So apart from being able to watch television without the bother of subtitles you now have yet another area of entertainment to watch. I never realised that if you are very deaf you can set your stereo hearing aids to telecoil and wear them underneath the padded headset. The only problem with this fantastic piece of kit is that you find yourself in a solitary world of your own with no idea of what’s going on around you.


It is a first class product and does eve…

Review by Bruce (Posted on 07/01/2014)It is a first class product and does everything you would expect


Superb product, sound quality is amazing…

Review by Steve Clark (Posted on 03/01/2014)Superb product, sound quality is amazing & the comfort of the head set is very good. you get what you pay for so i am delighted with the product as a whole, i recommend this to all even if your not hearing impaired


My husband has cancer and his hearing ha…

Review by Susan Glenn (Posted on 02/01/2014)My husband has cancer and his hearing has been failing for a while. We tried Panasonic headphones but he didn’t like them and stopped wearing them. The TV was getting louder and louder driving us all nuts! As he can’t get out and about the TV has become important for him. I decided to try once more and spend a bit more money. Definitely worth it. My husband is very happy with the headphones and can hear so much better now. They even work when he is out of the room so doesn’t have to constantly adjust them. I’m happy as I don’t want to listen to the sport all day or hear the TV from the other end of the house!! Would definitely recommend.


Being partially deaf i purchased the head …

Review by Steve Clark (Posted on 22/12/2013)Being partially deaf i purchased the head set & they are very comfortable however i get a constant buzzing through the earphones so i rang Geemarc direct & was told that its not their product its the age of my TV – they were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Morale of the story is make sure your TV is up to date


Okay I have to admit that I thought the …

Review by Mrs A Bowles (Posted on 08/12/2013)Okay I have to admit that I thought the cost of these was a bit much for a set of wireless TV listeners, but I soon changed my mind when they arrived. The transmitter and headphones are both stylish and extremely well made. The transmitter is also the charging dock for the headphones which sit securely in place while charging. The headphones are very comfortable to wear, easy to adjust and the sound quality is amazing even when you’re not in the same room as the transmitter. Not only can you use these with the TV and Hi-Fi system here is also a lead supplied that plugs into the bottom of the right side ear piece that allows you to use the head phones with mp3 players, I’ve also found they work with my kindle fire and mobile phone for listening to music, voice mail or watching video. There is also a micro USB slot in the headphones; a lead is not supplied for this but as I have several already this didn’t matter. I know the person I have purchased these for is going to love them or at least they will if I can bring myself to part with them lol.