Digital Hearing Aids Prices – Why Are They So Costly

Trying to explore the world of digital hearing aids prices can be a nightmare. There are literally thousands of different products out there.


Prices can range from £/$10 for a very basic sound amplifier which can be purchased on Amazon, right through to digital hearing aids that can cost up to and beyond £/$3000.

tiny hearing aids


Why is there such a vast difference in the price?


Technology, pure and simple! A basic sound amplifier is just that, a small device that will amplify the sound coming towards it. They aren’t particularly pretty but they still have their place in the hearing world.


Digital hearing aids, on the other hand, have gone through a revolution over the past 15 years. The advances in technology which we are all aware of in our mobile phones have been extended to just about everything that operates with a microchip.


The technology available in digital hearing aids today is such that the best models can be wirelessly connected to your iPhone, iPad, iPod and smartphone, allowing you to remotely connect and access the very latest sounds directly to your aids.


The digital hearing aids price range.

It isn’t possible to go through every price, the range is just too vast. However, we can break the prices down into 3 main bands. If you would like information on a product at a certain price please get in touch and I will research something specific to your individual needs.


The lower price band.

Prices in this band will typically range from £/$199 to £/$600. At this level, you can expect to get a good solid functional hearing device. They will come with a range of features that may include things like a feedback shield to stop unwanted whistling or dynamic speech enhancement to pick up softer sounds. You can have them as hidden hearing aids that are almost invisible such as the HD 250 (check out my review here).

hidden hearing aids
The HD 250


The middle price band.

The prices here will range from approximately £/$600 to £/$1300. You will typically find everything here that is in the lower band features but now technological advances begin to kick in. Additional features you will typically see at this level will be things like multi-channel sound processors for hearing in very different environments and a range of wireless options.The behind the ear (BTE) models will also be typically smaller and much more discreet. A typical model in this band is the ReSound LiNX 7 (review here).

hearing aids linked to apple
The ReSound LiNX 7


The upper price band.

From here the price will reflect just how much you want to delve into the world of science fiction. We really are seeing technology at it’s very best with every new product to hit the market.


At the upper band level, you can expect full wireless connectivity to things like your iPhone and smartphones, your hearing aids can be remotely controlled to perform a variety of functions.


These can include, up to 16 channels for hearing in any environment, up to 4 memories enabling your hearing aids to remember environments you have been in before and automatically reset themselves. Self-learning technology which allows your aids to recognise various environments and adjust automatically to give you the best experience.


They can include media streaming, directional microphones, advanced noise control, feedback eliminators and tone and voice indicators. Really the options available are almost endless. Check out the Starkey Wi Series i110.

digital hearing aids
Starkey Wi i110 hearing aid


So how are you supposed to know which ones to buy?


Purchasing a digital hearing aid is a big decision. For those of us who wear them, they are a vital part of our everyday existence. With this in mind, it is critical that the money you are investing gets you the hearing aids that are right for you.


My three step guide can hopefully give you a platform when trying to decide on the right aids for you. A large part of the decision will be down to personal choice but always be conscious of,

  1. Your level of hearing loss. Not all hearing aids are suitable for all levels of hearing loss. The general levels are, mild, moderate, severe and profound. Ask your doctor or audiologist for your most recent test results.
  2. What do you want from your digital hearing aids? Only you know what matters most to you. Do you want almost invisible ones or is wireless connectivity your thing. Once you know your basics everything else will be a bonus.
  3. Your budget. Some people will be astonished at the prices of some hearing aids. I believe that you are investing in your quality of life. Set the budget that you can afford and stick to it.


Once you have these basics then you can begin to make an informed decision on the type of digital hearing aids to purchase. Finally, do not forget to look at the overall package you are being offered. Check whether your hearing aids come with a life after care deal, (they should). Also check the manufacturer,s warranty, it should be at least 1 year.


I hope you have found this information useful. I always appreciate comments and feedback. Please feel free to leave any below.



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3 Replies to “Digital Hearing Aids Prices – Why Are They So Costly”

  1. I have a friend who has list his hearing capabilities after going through extremely intense and harsh training as a marine. At least that’s what he told me. However, one thing is for sure. He can’t hear on the left die of his ear if I spoke to him lower than a specific loudness. In other words, I have to shout at him. He is complaining a lot about his hearing aid recently in which he connects to his phone. I can recommend your mid level hearing device to him to see if he would give it a try.

    1. Hi Blame, thanks for getting in touch. Ex armed forces personal have a very high rate of hearing impairment due to live training etc… The ReSound LiNX 7 model I have reviewed on the website is excellent for connectivity with smartphones etc… If he needs any advice I would be more than happy to help him out. Just tell him to get in touch through the site. Cheers.

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