Doro Mobile Phones For The Elderly. A Review.


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Elderly people should have access to the latest technology. Elderly people with hearing loss should be no different. With Doro mobile phones for the elderly, everyone can be a winner.


Doro as a company have a long history of manufacturing mobile phones specifically designed for those with hearing loss. People over the age of 65 form the largest group in society with hearing loss.


Until fairly recently mobile phones aimed for the elderly tended to be larger, bulkier and as basic in technology as you could possible get. I think this is a bit of an insult to our senior population.


Thankfully the Doro Liberto Mini 820 Extra Loud Smartphone goes a long way towards rectifying this problem. It has all the features you would expect to see in a modern smartphone and a few extras that may just surprise you.


A general overview of the Doro 820.

This phone operates on the Android platform, meaning that you will have full access to things like the internet, emails and apps that you would expect from any smartphone. The Doro touch screen allows for very simple navigation around the menu.


One thing different from most smartphones is the addition of two physical buttons for the “back” and the “home” keys. This helps prevent people from accidently knocking themselves out of the menu screen.


The phone comes unlocked so you can use it on any network on either a contract or pay as you go. Just a note here, the phone operates using a MicroSIM rather that the standard sim so you may have to contact your network provider to arrange a sim swap.


The phone is fully compatible with the telecoil or “T” setting on your hearing aids. This will allow you to hear any calls sent or received directly through your hearing aids rather than the phone itself. For example, after you have paired the phone with you hearing aids, once the phone rings then just tap your hearing aid on to the “T” setting and you will hear the phone directly in your ear. I love that bit!!


What do we mean by an extra loud smartphone?

By this Doro mean that there are a few special features on this phone that you will not find on a standard smartphone. These features relate to the acoustics of the phone which are,Doro 820 Ruby


The voice volume operates at a maximum of 35dB (decibels). This is about 10 times louder than a standard phone.


The ringer volume operates at a maximum of 91dB. This approximately 5 times louder than a standard smartphone.


It has 7 volume settings.


It has tone control for better sound clarity.


It comes with high definition voice technology.


It also has a volume mute option.


The Pros and Cons of the 820 Mini Extra Loud Smartphone.

The Pros.

The key features of this phone are very impressive, particularly for a smartphone in this price range. Doro have certainly packed a lot into it to ensure the user has the very best experience possible.


Some of the key features include,


Speakerphone/5 Megapixel Camera and Video Camera with magnifier function/Email/SMS with predictive text and MMS/500 number photo phonebook/3 one touch speed dials/GPRS/Big display text and adjustable font/Screen contrast and brightness adjustment/20 Polyphonic ringtones/Vibrating ringer/Backlit keypad/Key tone/Step by Step Tutorial pre-loaded/Startup wizard – great feature which guides you through phone menu and functions/Remote management – ideal for friends and relatives to help with set-up from distance/FM-radio/Assistance button/Calculator/Games/Calendar with reminder/Wake up alarm/ICE (In Case of Emergency).


I could go on but I think you get the gist. The phone is packed with great features. I want to bring your attention to one special feature that I think will be very appealing to people.


The remote management system. This allows someone else ( a family member) to remotely access the phone with the owners permission and make changes or add updates to the phone. They simply sign into a website with a password that they have preset and they have access to the phone.


This is a particularly good feature if you have an elderly relative who lives away from you. It means you can keep their phone updated from wherever you are.


The Cons.

Admittedly there aren’t many that I can find but I do have to mark it down slightly due to the 5 megapixel camera. The pictures it takes are of a decent quality but I would just like to have seen a little bit more added here.Doro 820 White


My conclusion and overall rating.

It is a real pity about the camera for me. I am pretty sure that it won’t annoy most people but I am big on my photos and I would have of thought that Doro could have squeezed in at least 8 megapixels.


That said, this is a fantastic smartphone. The acoustics alone will make it ideal for elderly people and also for those with hearing loss. The menu is simple to navigate and the in built tutorial set up feature will have you up and running in no time.


The phone is jam packed with the sort of things we take for granted in our smartphones today and it is great to see that manufacturers like Doro are making sure that everyone has access to the very latest technology.


Conclusion – Great Phone.

Overall rating – 9 out of 10.


P.S. Did I mention that it comes in a choice of three colours. Check them out here.


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5 Replies to “Doro Mobile Phones For The Elderly. A Review.”

  1. Great information about the Doro mobile phone. I hear you about those big old bulky phones they have for the elderly! This will be a great phone to get my 80 year old mom. Love that it’s not bulky and the features of the back and home keys on the phone to prevent leaving the menu screen. It’s hard to teach my mom the new tech phones and how to use them. Love how someone else can update the phone and how it comes in 3 different colors!

    Thank you

    1. Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for the comments. I have a range of Doro products that I use myself and have been been doing so for a number of years. Their recent movement into the smartphone market has really revolutionised phones that are aimed at both the elderly and those like myself who are hard of hearing.

      I would highly recommend any Doro product and this particular phone is already proving to be very popular. I bought one for my father who is generally useless with phones but he is now sending emails and buying stuff from the internet from his phone. I think I might have created a monster!!!

      If you do get it for your mom, I would love to hear how she gets on with it.

      Thanks again for stopping by,


  2. This is a very great phone especially for this time that there are a lot of expensive smartphones. This phone is excellent for my grandma who doesn’t know a lot of things when it comes to smartphones. It has a buttons that can be easily clicked by an elder. This is a very nice review and fascinating explainations. Thank you for this!

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your comments. This smartphone is one of the very best on the market and is especially good for the elderly and hard of hearing. The company who manufacturer it “Doro” are well known for their phones and their dedication to making products for both the elderly and those who have hearing loss. The quality is second to none and I think it is important to let elderly people and those with hearing difficulties know that they don’t have to settle for inferior products.



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