Geemarc Vibrating Alarm Watch

vibrating alarm watch
Geemarc watch “n” shake 10 solar watch

Product – Geemarc watch “n” shake 10 solar watch.

Price – £74.99

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Guarantee – 2 Years

My personal rating – 9.5 out of 10.

I wear two hearing aids and when I go to bed I naturally take them out. This creates problems for both myself and the rest of the family. If I have to set an alarm to wake early, the volume has to be at full blast and even then I probably won’t hear it. It will wake the rest of the house before it wakes me.

The Geemarc vibrating alarm watch is an ingenious addition to the assistive listening market. I am now able to be awakened anytime I want without disturbing the whole family.

So how does it work?

The watch alerts the wearer with a strong vibration to the wrist. Will this really wake me I hear you ask? The answer is a resounding yes. I have been using one of these watches now for 3 months and I have never failed to wake up when the alarming vibration goes off.

You have the ability to set up to 4 different alarms. This is a great feature if you have set times during the day or night when you have to take medication, or if you have an appointment somewhere. You never have to miss any of these things again.

Other features of the Geemarc vibrating alarm watch.

As the name suggests, this watch is solar powered and comes with a rechargeable battery. The battery life has a 2-year expectancy. An optional charger is also available with this watch price £14.99.

It has an analog clock face and also an LCD digital display. The battery level can be viewed on the screen when needed.

The time can be displayed in 12/24 hour format and the digital LCD display can also show the day or date.

The watch is delivered in sleep mode to conserve the battery. It comes with full set up instructions.

vibrating alarm watch
The vibrating alarm watch

Are there any down sides?

I have given this watch a 9.5 out of 10. I am probably being over picky here. It is supposed to be water resistant to 3 bar. In reality what this means is that it is resistant to water splashes that are wiped up quickly. It is not usable for activities such as swimming.

My personal overview.

Geemarc has a long history and a wealth of experience when it comes to making products to help the hard of hearing community. There may be cheaper types of vibrating watches out there but I prefer to trust a company who specializes in products that help people like me and you.

I have found this Geemarc vibrating alarm watch to be a real problem solver for me. I can be woken whenever I want without my long suffering wife, in particular, having to be awakened also. I also use the 4 alarm feature to remind me of various appointments etc…

Apart from the beneficial aspects for those with loss of hearing, it is a very elegant looking time piece. With its stylish clock face and leather strap, it can be worn on any occasion, either casual or formal. I think it is fantastic value for money and would make a great gift idea for anyone.


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