Hearing Aid Care Maintenance – A simple guide

Modern digital hearing aids are expensive. You can expect to pay from a few hundred to a couple of thousand £/$ for a top of the range set. A good hearing aid care maintenance programme will allow your aids to work at maximum capacity for a long time.They are a complicated and fragile device and can be broken or malfunction quite easily if not looked after. 


They are a complicated and fragile device and can be broken or malfunction quite easily if not looked after.  I have drawn up a simple guide to ensuring that your hearing aids are looked after and are maintained throughout their working life.

BTE. Behind the ear hearing aid


EVERY day hearing aid care.

Your hearing aids are made up of very small parts. It only takes a tiny amount of dirt or wax etc… to cause them to fail to operate properly. There are a number of small tools available to help you clean your aids. They can be purchased from your hearing aid provider or they can be bought on websites such as Amazon. Simply type in “hearing aid cleaning tools.”


When doing your daily clean, ensure any excess wax is cleared from the receiver tube. Gently cleanse any moisture from the ear mould or tip that is inserted into the ear. Use only a soft clean cloth. Do not use any chemicals to clean your hearing aids. Be gentle when cleaning as the small delicate parts can be easily broken or damaged.


Keep away from moisture and condensation.

Moisture and condensation are the enemies of your hearing aids. If moisture gets into the inner workings of your device it can cause irreversible damage to the electronics.


Never leave your hearing aids in places where moisture or condensation can build up, such as the bathroom if you are having a shower. Always leave them in another room.


If you are into sports or swimming there are special types of headbands that can be worn to protect your aids. In this case, I would always encourage that you get professional advice to ensure your hearing aids are properly protected.

digital hearing aids


Keep them out of harm’s way.

When not in use, your hearing aids should always be kept in a case. Never put them in a coat pocket or the side pocket of a sports bag etc.. Remember even the smallest amount of dirt or foreign body can destroy your device.


Never apply things such as hairspray or cosmetics with your hearing aids in. The chemicals from hairspray can damage the circuitry in the device and the oils and powder in cosmetics can have a similar effect. Remove your hearing aids before carrying out any tasks that involve the use of chemicals.


Get them checked by a professional.

Most hearing aid providers will offer a free aftercare service for the life of your devices. If so then make sure that you use them at least twice per year. They will be able to run a full diagnostic on your hearing aids and can fine tune anything that needs to be done.


Even if you don’t have an aftercare service in place, you should consider taking your devices to a professional to have them checked. You have spent a lot of money on your hearing aids, a twice-yearly service could save you a whole lot more in years to come.


Also, never, never attempt to tamper with your hearing aids yourself. If you have a problem with your device and it doesn’t appear to be something simple like wax then bring it to the professionals. They have the tools and the technology to fix it.

hidden hearing aids


Getting your hearing aids insured.

This might seem a bit extreme but it is really a very sensible option. Your hearing aids are very fragile. They can be damaged beyond repair very easily or if you have the very small, in the ear, type of devices then they can be lost or misplaced and then you are looking at having to replace them altogether.


Having them insured will give you peace of mind. Your hearing aids are an investment in your health. Ask yourself what you would do if something happened to them and you didn’t have the money to replace them. It’s a small price to pay to ensure that your quality of life remains intact.


Take a common sense approach to your hearing aids. Clean and protect them every day. Get them checked on a regular basis and insure them from loss or breakage. Protect your devices and they will look after your hearing health for years to come.

Make your hearing aid care part of your daily routine.


As always I would love to hear from you. Do you have any special tips on looking after your hearing aids? Do you have yours insured? You can leave a comment below.



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