Hearing Aids For…… Who And Why

Purchasing a hearing aid is a very personal experience. If it doesn’t fit right or looks right or if it just doesn’t feel right then people have a tendency to discard them and just struggle on as they were before. So, hearing aids for…… will try to give some pointers in what to be thinking about when making that all important decision.

People from all stages of life require hearing aids. Everyone’s requirements will be different but I think it can be broken into 4 main groups of people and what their requirements are.

Hearing aids for…….Children.

I think this is the most important group, in terms of thinking about their needs. Unless there is some operation that can be done to restore the child’s hearing, they are more than likely going to need hearing aids for the rest of their lives.

It is critical that a young child bonds with their first set of hearing aids. They must be comfortable with them and come to see them as a natural extension of themselves.

Hearing aids for children
Stylish hearing aids for children.

The role of parents is vital in this process. It isn’t just a case of picking out a pair and making the child wear them because they need them. The child needs to accept them.

The child should always be encouraged to talk about their hearing aids. They should be comfortable with discussing all aspects of their hearing health. Parents should speak to the child’s school and to their friends to ensure there is a smooth transition into wearing hearing aids for the child.

Fortunately, hearing aid manufacturers have come a long way in the design and appearance of hearing aids for children. They now come in many different styles and can almost be seen as a fashion accessory.

Get your child to love their hearing aids. Get them to see them as an everyday part of their lives. Doing so at the earliest age will mean far fewer problems in later life.

Hearing aids for…….Youth/Young adults.

Everyone knows that dealing with teenagers/young adults can be fraught with danger no matter the topic. If the child has gone through the above stage then this phase hopefully should be relatively straight forward.

Hearing aids for phones
ReSound LiNX 7 Hearing Aids

However, for teenagers/young adults, life is stressful enough. Throw in the necessity for hearing aids and everything becomes much more difficult for everyone involved.

For me the key is control. By that, I mean letting them have control of the process. Letting them take ownership of the type and style of the hearing aids they will wear will make them much more comfortable.

Do as much research with them as possible regarding what is available. For instance, hearing aids can now be adaptable to include things such as earrings as accessories. They can be adaptable to iPhones, iPads, iPods etc…Check out the ReSound LiNX review here.

Making their hearing aids as relevant to their lives as possible can make their hearing health much more acceptable.

Hearing aids for…….Adults.

In some ways, this can be the most difficult group to get to accept that they require hearing aids. I have known more people in this group to get hearing aids only for them to stop wearing them within a 3 month period.

Hearing aids for adults

As we get older we become more set in our ways and it can be difficult to get people to accept change, even if it is to their benefit. There is also a reluctance to accept the fact that our bodies are getting older and we cannot always do the things were once could without a little help.

The main reasons I hear for rejecting their hearing aids are, they hurt, they are not comfortable or they just don’t work.

Again here, research is the key. There are so many different styles and types of hearing aid on the market that it can be a bit overwhelming in trying to get what is right for you.

Take the time to get it right. Make sure the device is comfortable to wear. Make sure that it is the right type for your particular hearing loss. Ask questions and don’t make a purchase until you are satisfied that you have the right model.

Hearing aids for…….Seniors.

In my experience, this is the group who accept more than any other that they could do with a helping hand from modern technology. I still think however that too many of them settle for the first thing they see and stick with it.

With the advances in modern technology, our seniors should be able to enjoy a quality of hearing health that is second to none. Like any adult, they need to do their homework.

Hearing aids for

Seniors shouldn’t just accept that their hearing is getting worse because they are getting older. They should take the time, like everyone else to get their hearing checked, find out the exact level of their hearing loss and then go and look for the type and style of aid that suits.

If their hearing loss is mild then perhaps a simple amplifier may suffice. If the hearing loss is more moderate to severe then a more specific type of aid will give far better results.

Hearing aids for…….All.

No matter what stage of life we are at, hearing health is something we need to take seriously. The options available today are much better than they have ever been. Do not rush and panic and just accept the first thing you come across. Take your time, get as much information as you can and remember your hearing health has to last you a lifetime.

As always I would love to hear from you regarding your own experiences. What has been your story regarding buying a hearing aid, either for yourself or a child? The more we share the more informed others will be.

If you like you can leave a comment below. I will reply to all as soon as possible.



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