Hearing Aids Reviews – Good And Bad

There are thousands of different types of hearing aids on the market. The choice has never been greater. More and more people are turning to the internet to find the right product. But are hearing aids reviews online reliable and how can you spot the good ones.


Buying new hearing aids is a big decision. The more modern ones are expensive so you want to get the best information you can.

So what is a good review?

A good review of hearing aids should cover a few basic things. Not all hearing aids are the same or even carry out the same function. A good review will give a good all round description of the product.

Various hearing aid types

What type of aid is it and who is it for?

Is it a digital hearing aid or simply a sound amplifier. Is it a BTE (behind the ear) aid, an ITE (in the ear) aid, or is it a CIC (completely in the canal) aid. There are even sub categories within these so make sure the review is clear.


Who exactly are the hearing aids for. Different types of hearing aids are aimed at people with varying levels of hearing loss. The levels are generally classified as mild, moderate, severe and profound. It is vitally important that you know your hearing loss level before purchasing any type of aids.

What are the key features of the hearing aids?

A good review will list all the key features of the aids you want to buy. For instance, do they have wind noise management, do they have a feedback shield to prevent annoying whistling sounds, do they have a soft speech booster to capture quiet sounds without you having to manually turn up the volume.


Many modern hearing aids are now being manufactured with mobile devices in mind. A good review should be able to tell you if the aids have this connectivity availability. For instance, can your hearing aids connect to an iPhone or an Android smartphone, can they wirelessly connect to the television to allow you to stream the sound directly?


hearing aids reviews
My review of the ReSound LiNX 7 Hearing Aids

The list of capabilities of modern hearing aids is getting longer with each new product coming on the market. Make sure any review gives you a comprehensive list of exactly what the aids can do.


Equally, look to see if the review tells you what the hearing aids can’t do. Any honest review will set out the limitations of the device. This could be a short battery life or any other particular issue that previous owners have reported.

Should the review include the price?

Different retailers will sell things at different prices. However, I believe that a good review should be looking at where the customer can get the best price available. I say the best price available rather than the cheapest because other things come into it when buying something like hearing aids.


For example, the review should be looking to see what is included in the overall package. People will generally pay a bit more if the price includes an after care package such as manufacturers warranty, lifetime care of the product, 30/60 day money back guarantee.

So what then is a bad review?

A bad review will generally have only some of the above information. It will probably only focus on one or two points regarding the device. What I have noticed is that the worst reviews are those that focus solely on the price of the hearing aids.


When I see a so called review that constantly bangs on about the price, I tend to see it more as an advertisement for the product rather than a review.

Hearing aids reviews

Overall then.

A good review of a device as complicated as a modern hearing aid should cover the type of device, who it will help, all the key features and capabilities and the price, including aftercare etc….Some modern hearing aids can cost as much as a second-hand car. You wouldn’t buy a car that had been given a poor review now, would you?


As always, I would love any feedback to this or any of the posts on my website. Have you bought a hearing aid after reading a review of it? Did the review make your mind up to buy?

Please share your experience here. You can leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.


Eddie (eddie@helpwithhearingloss.com)


3 Replies to “Hearing Aids Reviews – Good And Bad”

  1. Hello, I’d like to help a friend who does not hear very well, I think she has serious problems with hearing, but she just does not want to go to a doctor. Your article was excellent, explains a lot, I see that there are various aids, some you can not see behind the ear or in the ear, so I think it is not a problem to wear it, especially if it contributes to improving your live. Can you recommend a good hospital where I could refer my friend so she can do examination. I think it’s best that she determine the diagnosis first.

    1. Hi, Your friends story is a very familiar one to me. Lots of people do not want to go to a doctor or a hospital. Getting a proper diagnosis is critical. There are so many different types of hearing loss and a hearing aid will only help her once she knows what level of hearing loss she has.

      If you let me know where you are based I will I will look to find a couple of different places where your friend can go. There are a lot of independent clinics now who offer audiology tests. There is also online hearing tests available. She can try one by clicking this link.

      , https://helpwithhearingloss.com/free-hearing-test-o…. These online tests are only an indication of whether she has some form of hearing loss. I would still highly recommend that she gets checked by a professional. Once she has done that then I would be more than happy to advise her the type of hearing aid that would be best suited and would give her the best hearing experience. Let me know where you are and we will get things rolling.

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