Hearing Aids Sale. Oticon Ria2 Pro.

Oticon Ria2 Pro hearing aid

Product – Oticon Ria2 Pro.

Price – £725.00

Guarantee – Manufacturer’s Warranty.


Overall rating – 4 out of 5.


The Oticon Ria2 Pro sits firmly at the entry level in terms of hearing aids. It is a direct replacement for the previous model, the Oticon Ria Pro (Oticon H110). It may not possess all the bells and whistles of some of the more expensive models on the market but still comes with an array of impressive technology and will appeal to anyone who wants a quality aid at a great price.


Who is the Oticon Ria2 Pro for?

This model has been designed specifically for those people who live a fairly quiet life. I wouldn’t recommend it for those who are heavily involved in active sports or who spend a lot of time outdoors in all weathers. The device is not waterproof and like most hearing aids needs to be protected from moisture damage.


It is ideal for those people who need a helping hand for simple everyday living, such as listening to television, radio and enjoying normal conversations. It is a very robust and eye pleasing hearing aid and comes in a wide range of colours and styles.


It would be a great model for students, people who enjoy a fairly normal family life and also for elderly people. It has an excellent sound quality and can adapt to different listening environments.


The Pros and Cons of the Oticon Ria2 Pro.

The Pros.

The Oticon Ria2 Pro has a number of key features that put it ahead of its predecessor and most other models that would be classed as entry level hearing devices.


6 bands controlling 16 sound frequency channels. This allows your hearing aid to be tailored to your specific hearing needs. It will mean a better clarity of sound and clearer conversations. The more bands that are available generally mean a better quality of sound.


Wind noise reduction. This does exactly what it says on the tin. Wind interference can cause havoc with hearing aids. This device will filter that noise out and allow better and clearer hearing.


Inium feedback shield. Your hearing aid can sometimes be a bit like a microphone and experience feedback which can be extremely annoying. The shield will put a stop to this without losing any of its effectiveness in picking up other background sounds.


FreeFocus essential. This technology allows the hearing aid to pick up sound from 3 different directions at once. Lots of hearing aids are one dimensional in terms of picking up sound, so this is especially good if someone is standing behind you or off to the side and speaking to you.Oticon Ria2 Pro hearing aid


Adaption Manager. Sometimes the amplified sound from a new hearing aid can be very off putting for new wearers. It can take time to get used to the new sounds you are hearing. With the adaption manager, the device will gradually increase the sound level over a period of time allowing you to adjust to your new device.


Binaural Co-ordination. This involves what is called BrainHearing Technology. It actually allows both hearing aids to synchronise. Basically both hearing aids talk to each other to ensure that volume levels and programming are equal and that both aids work together to give you the very best hearing experience.


Tinnitus sound support. This is a great feature for anyone who also suffers from tinnitus. Tinnitus is generally described as a ringing, whistling or buzzing sound in the ear. It is very common in people with hearing loss. The Oticon Ria2 Pro can help to neutralize this noise by playing a gentle, relaxing sound into the ear, which helps to distract the brain from the annoying tinnitus sound.


The Cons.

I don’t want to be to hard on this hearing aid as it is very specifically aimed at the entry level but it has it’s limitations. In fairness, the manufacturer’s don’t claim that it is comparable to the more expensive models so it can’t be judged against them.


With technology advancing at a rapid rate the lack of connectivity with this device would be the biggest drawback for me. There are a range of listening accessories that can be bought to work with the Oticon Ria2 Pro but that will only add to your budget.


If wireless streaming, remote operating and connectivity are your thing then this is not the device for you. All of those features are available on other hearing aids.


Summary and overall verdict.

The Oticon Ria2 Pro will not cater to the needs for today’s tech savvy hearing aid users. That said, most people who use hearing aids, simply want a device that will allow them to hear the television or have a normal conversation at home or work. If that is the case then this model could be ideal for you.


It still has a fairly impressive range of features that will allow for a great quality of sound and an excellent user experience. Oticon are a very well known hearing aid manufacturer and having their name on the product means that it can be trusted from a quality point of view.


Whilst recognising it’s limitations, I would have no hesitation in recommending the Oticon Ria2 Pro hearing aid. It is a good quality product and will serve it’s owners very well throughout it’s lifetime.


Why buy from Hearing Direct.com

When choosing a new hearing aid it is vital to use a reputable supplier. I have used Hearing Direct.com for many years. The quality of service I always receive is second to none and their prices are always as good as I can find. They have a 6 point plan in place for all their hearing aids and this should be the very minimum to look for in a hearing aid supplier.


1. A full hearing test and examination (if necessary) by qualified professionals.

2. A full manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Fitting and programming of your hearing aids.

4. VAT inclusive prices.

5. Fine tuning and aftercare of your hearing aids for the lifetime of the devices.

6. 60 day full money back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied.


Buy the Oticon Ria2 Pro with complete piece of mind here.

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