Hearing Direct – A Review

Today I’m going to do something a little bit different. Rather than review an individual product, I am going to have a look at an online supplier of hearing aids and assistive hearing products. The company are called Hearing Direct. I want to look at their range of products, their customer service and after sale service.



Lots of people like myself ponder for a long time when we need something to help us with our hearing loss. It may be a new set of hearing aids or a neckloop system for helping to hear the television or even a new smartphone that works with our hearing aids.


I am usually very wary of purchasing medical products on the internet. The cost of hearing aids and other such devices is very high. They are an investment in my quality of life and not only do I want to get the right device for me, I also want to make sure that I am not being scammed along the way.


Who are Hearing Direct?

They are an online supplier of hearing aids and other assistive hearing devices. The strap line to their name is that they are the world’s largest online hearing experts. Now that is a bold statement to be making. I wonder if they can live up to it!!


As well as the actual products on offer, Hearing Direct have a number of significant services that they claim make them the world’s largest online hearing experts. They promote a “Top quality, FREE online hearing test”. Check out my review of such tests here.


They claim that their team of experts have countless years of experience behind them in the hearing industry and and have a wealth of experience in auditory and hearing health and are experts in knowledge of the products they sell.


Perhaps their biggest claim from a prospect buyers point of view is that they claim that by being an online retailer that they can offer YOU, the customer, hearing aids at up to 90% cheaper than if you were to buy them privately.


Hefty claims indeed but would you buy your hearing devices online?

The explosion of the internet over the last 15 to 20 years has changed all of our habits when it comes to purchasing any type of goods at all. We think nothing of going to Amazon or eBay and buying cloths, phones, homeware, sports goods or electronics such as laptops and tablets.


The question is are we really ready to buy what are essentially medical equipment on the internet. Can we have enough trust in the expertise of such claims to be content that the products we buy will actually be exactly what we need them to be. After all this is our quality of life we are talking about.


Having done a lot of searching and research into this area it is obvious that there are a lot of companies who are simply trying to sell you and me whatever product they think they can. I have come across companies selling hearing aids who have no more experience in hearing health than I have. They see hearing aids as simply another product to make a sale on.


I have checked out the likes of eBay and there are thousands of hearing devices for sale. Do you really think that the individuals selling them are experts in this field? No I don’t think so either. So we have to be careful. We have to be able to filter out the genuine from the opportunists.


Can we buy our hearing products from Hearing Direct with confidence?

I have used this company’s services on a number of occasions and here is what I have found.


The advice on their website.

Hearing Direct offer a wide range of advice on their website. This includes a comprehensive guide on buying hearing aids, the different types that are available and who they would likely be of benefit to.


Speaking to one of their experts on the phone is like sitting in front of a health expert that you have known for years. Not once did they try and sell me a product. They spoke and asked about my level of hearing loss, about my lifestyle, about what I wanted from my hearing aids.


Based on the information I gave them, they made a couple of recommendations that would be suitable. They did not simply try and sell me the most expensive model. The people I spoke to were very professional in their dealings with me and genuinely seemed to have my best interests at heart.


Their expertise and knowledge.

Having researched as much as possible , they have a number of fully qualified audiologists available to speak to potential customers and and people who just need advice. These people understand hearing health. They will go through your audiogram in detail and discuss what type of hearing aid will work for you and more importantly, what type of device will not work for your individual needs.


I found the whole process of contact with their audiologists to be very reassuring and at no time did I feel that I was being put under any pressure whatsoever to buy the product.


Relevant information updates.

I found that all of their information was right up to date and that I could find information on just about any subject relating to hearing health I wanted. They have a blog section in operation which currently contains 445 blogs relating to hearing products and hearing health issues.


Their range of hearing aids.

The range of devices here is extremely impressive. Whether you want a BTE (behind the ear) model, a ITE (in the ear) model,  a RIC (receiver in the canal) model or  an ITC (in the canal) model, then you will have absolutely no problem finding one to suit your needs and style.


The descriptions of each model are very detailed in terms of the capability of the particular device. All the special features are detailed and also the limitations of the device. Each description page will also tell you what type of hearing loss the device will work for best.


Their range of other assistive listening devices.

Once again the range here is very impressive. They have a vast range of items to cover just about every aspect of life. Whether you are looking for a new amplified phone for the house, a new smartphone that works with your hearing aids, TV listening devices, hearing protection devices or tinnitus aids, you will find something within the range that meets your needs.


Again the range here is very well thought out and the product description is detailed and explains exactly what the product can and cannot do.


The price range.

True to their word Hearing Direct have a price range regarding hearing aids and other assistive listening devices that will enable you to choose products that will not break the bank but will still give you the quality you require.


They have hidden hearing aids starting from £99. I have had a pair of these (HD 90) for about 4 years now and they are still going great. They also  have the very latest models which still come in cheaper than I could find elsewhere.


Guarantees and warranties and customer service.

I think it speaks volumes for Hearing direct, that they offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee on all their featured products. This allows you, the customer, the opportunity to take the product and try it out at home and in your daily life and make sure that it works for you.


All of the products they have also come with a full 12 month manufacturers warranty.


I found their level of customer service to be second to none. From the very first point of contact, when I submitted a free catalogue request, through to speaking to one of their experts regarding a particular device, I was very impressed by the manner I was dealt with and the professionalism and knowledge of the issues I wanted to discuss.


It’s a very high recommendation from me.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Hearing Direct to anyone. I was very very impressed by every aspect of their operation and go to their website regularly for information on whatever I want to know.


Why not pay them a visit yourself next time you are looking for something related to your hearing health or even just to browse the very latest in hearing aids and assistive listening devices. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from a really professional, helpful and supportive company.





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