How To Stop Tinnitus. A Guide

Tinnitus is a condition suffered by approximately 10% of the population. In order to answer the question how to stop tinnitus, we first need to know what it is.

how to stop tinnitus

Tinnitus is mostly described by sufferers as either a ringing, rushing or whistling sound in the ear or ears or in their head. It is a completely internal sound.


When I asked my doctor why this happens he told me that it is caused by damage to the hair cells in the inner ear. This leads to an upset in the electrical signals that are sent to the brain.I’ll not go into all the medical jargon in relation to this, suffice to say that it is a very real condition.


There are varying degrees of tinnitus for sufferers. Some only get it now and again, others only have it in one ear. Some, like myself, are the unlucky ones and have it 24/7 in both ears. Whilst not painful it can be very distressing when it is so loud and constant.


We now know what it is but what brings it on?


Medical science is still working on this. I don’t think anyone has come up with all the causes to date but one overriding cause that everyone agrees on is noise.


It appears that noise, or rather exposure to loud noise over a period of time is the single biggest factor in causing tinnitus.


Loud noise can come from many different places such as the work place or televisions, but the most common place to get consistently loud noise is music venues such as clubs etc…


The diagram produced by the British Tinnitus Association, here on the right, shows just how little exposure can be extremely dangerous to our ears.


By spending just 30 minutes in a noisy club, where you have to shout to be heard, can cause the sort of damage to the hair cells in the ear, that can cause tinnitus.


What are the options for tinnitus sufferers?


Amazingly 93% of tinnitus sufferers do not consult their doctor about this condition. I know I feel silly sometimes trying to describe the noise I hear but by acknowledging the condition there are plenty of ways to help us to live with it.


There is no known medical cure for tinnitus but it can be controlled and managed. There is a range of treatments such as white noise hearing aids to combat the noise in your ear. My own hearing aids help me control it during the day. There are sleep pillows, sound makers and a variety of products to help mask the noises you hear.


More and more people are leaning towards alternative medicines and supplements. You can check out this post from my good friend if you think this is for you,


So, How to stop tinnitus?


Once you have it you must learn to live with it and manage it.


Preventing loud noise, or music from damaging your ears sounds like a simple solution. In reality, however, it is much more difficult.


Anyone who has ever been to a club, disco, festival, rave, concert etc… will know that the music is blasted from start to finish.


We can’t stop people from enjoying themselves and nor would we want to but a three step guideline could make all the difference to the quality of peoples lives.


1. Keep hydrated.

2. Reduce time of exposure.

3. Reduce volume.


I know it isn’t easy to do when your favorite group is hammering out their greatest hits but simple steps such as taking 5 minutes outside for a breath of air or just a quieter part of the venue can relieve the stress on your ears and help to stop tinnitus from developing.


Remember in all health matters and tinnitus is no exception, prevention is always better than any cure.


I would love to hear your stories regarding tinnitus. How severe is yours? How does it affect your life? Have you tried anything to manage it? Were you able to stop tinnitus?

If you want to get in touch, please leave a comment. I will reply as soon as possible.


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