Telephones For The Hard Of Hearing

Until fairly recently I didn’t answer any telephone calls!!!

The reason is simply that I am severely hard of hearing and phones were a very unpleasant experience. Things have changed a lot in the last few years. The choices available to those like myself are better than ever but what are the best telephones for the hard of hearing.

Years ago trying to have a phone conversation was one big nightmare. I would have to ask the person on the other end to speak up time after time. They would end up shouting down the phone. I would end up shouting back at them and the whole thing became almost laughable.

The range and choice of telephones available today for those with hearing loss are the best it has ever been. Whether it is a phone for the home or office or a cell/mobile phone you need, then there is something out there for you.

Home or office telephones.

Static corded home telephone

The old style static corded telephone is still very much in use today. They are particularly good for people who like everything to be in a certain place.


However, the more popular home phone nowadays is the cordless version. Even the most basic model allows you to actually have the receiver beside you at all times.

Even more popular again, especially for those of us with hearing difficulty, is the duo and trio cordless sets. These allow you to have the base station in a fixed place in the home and one or two receiver units set up in various other rooms throughout the house.

cordless home phone for hard of hearing
Cordless home telephone

Depending on what your specific requirements are, these telephones can come equipped with hands-free speakers, visual ring indicator (ie a flashing light), increased ringer volume, vocalized keypad, telecoil compatible, backlit keypad and much, much more.

With the technology available today and the various choices out there, most hearing loss sufferers will be able to find something suitable for their home.

Mobile or cell phones.

This is the area where technology is really coming to the fore for people who are hard of hearing. With ever improving quality hearing aids and more compatible smartphones than ever, the world really is our oyster.

Let’s be honest, mobile/cell phones have completely taken over our lives. More and more online transactions are being done through our phones. Our smartphones are now capable of controlling our home appliances no matter where we are. The capabilities of our phones will only get better, so it is only right that those of us with hearing loss get to share in this revolution.

telephones for the hard of hearing
The Doro Liberto 825 Extra Loud Smartphone

The very latest technology in smartphones aimed specifically at the hearing loss community will ensure that we are no longer left trailing behind everyone else. You can check out my review of the Doro Liberto 825 here.

With the 4G capability for web browsing or email, WiFi, great cameras, storage, games and just about everything you can think of, including louder ringing volume and speaker volume or direct connectivity with your hearing aids, these latest smartphones certainly live up to their name.

The other great thing about these smartphones is the price. When compared to some of the so called leading brand names they are well within the bracket of what people would expect to pay.

So, whether it is a home phone system or a shiny new smartphone you are after, there is something out there for you. Just because we may have hearing difficulties, doesn’t mean that we cannot fully enjoy the revolution in telephone technology taking place today.

As always, I hope that you may have found something here of interest to you. If so I would love to hear your thoughts and views. You can leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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