The Perfect Choice HD Hearing Aid

PRODUCT – HD 150 DIGITAL HEARING AID.tiny hearing aids

PRICE – £169.00


RATING – 4.9 OUT OF 5.


The HD 150 is a hearing aid very much at the cheaper end of the pricing scale. This small device punches way above its weight. It is a quality digital model. For those on a budget, it is the perfect choice HD hearing aid.


Who would the HD 150 digital hearing aid be suitable for?

It is ideally suited for anyone with a mild to moderate hearing loss. This group make up the vast majority of people with hearing difficulty so most hard of hearing people could use this device.


The price of the HD 150 is a big attraction. At £169.00 it will suitably fit within most people’s budget. Normally at this price, you would expect to see some compromise on sound quality but that is not the case with this model.


The Pros and Cons of the HD 150.

The Pros.

The HD 150 certainly has a lot going for it. The size of the device means that it fits snugly inside the ear. This is a particularly important factor for those who like their hearing aids to be discreet.discreet hearing aid


The key features of the HD 150 are,


In-the-ear digital hearing aid

Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss

Two sound processing channels

Wax barrier to protect the device against dirt and moisture

Feedback shield to eradicate unwanted whistling

3 tips varying in size can help eradicate whistling or improve comfort

12 months full manufacturers warranty

Uses a 10A battery


This fantastic device is a case of ‘one size fits all’.


When you receive your HD 150 Hearing Aid, you can try inserting the device to see if any adjustments are required. If you experience a whistling sound once fitted, or if it feels uncomfortable, then you need to try one of the tips provided. There are three silicon tips to choose from, small, medium or large. Select a tip and push it onto the end of the HD 150 before inserting it back into your ear.


The Cons.

It is hard to criticise the HD 150. For such a small device with so many features, it really is a standout hearing aid. However, in the interests of being totally fair and unbiased, I will make one small suggestion.hidden hearing aids


If the manufacturers could find some way to incorporate a small level of connectivity into the device then it would be absolutely outstanding. I am being really harsh here but having the device connected to a smartphone would make it appealing to even more people.


Video training for the HD 150.

As well as a downloadable instruction manual the HD 150 also comes with access to three short videos when bought from Hearing Again this is something that very few suppliers will provide, especially with a device at this price level.


The three videos available cover,


HD150 Hearing Aid Use and Maintenance.

HD150 Hearing Aid Battery Insertion and Removal.

HD150 Hearing Aid Insertion and Removal.


Support from Hearing when buying the HD 150.

Save money – being an online business, we have fewer overheads than many high street stores. We provide quality products at exceptional prices, which you can access from your own home.


Qualified hearing aid audiologists – all our hearing aids come with complimentary access to a qualified hearing aid audiologist to discuss any fitting or performance related issues along with any other questions you may have about your hearing.


Simple and efficient delivery service – place your order today either online or via our phone service and we can deliver your hearing aid as early as tomorrow.


Small and unobtrusive – this in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid is barely visible when worn. Being so compact, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!


One size fits all the HD 150 comes supplied with three silicon fitting tips to ensure a comfortable fit. It’s a simple process that doesn’t require individual ear impressions.invisible hearing aid


30-day money back guarantee – if you’re not satisfied with your hearing aid, just return it to us within 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund.


I have personally used the services of hearing for a number of years and have bought various devices from them. The level of service and quality of their products are second to none. I recommend them because I use them and trust them 100%.


My final opinion of the HD 150 Digital hearing aid.

It is not often that I find products that I can give an unreserved recommendation to. With the HD family of hearing aids, I have found a group of devices that I think are fantastic value for money. The quality is also unbeatable in my opinion.


The HD 150 will outperform any other device in its price range. From the “one size fits all” feature through to its outstanding sound quality this really is a digital hearing aid for all occasions.




The other members of the HD range are.

The HD 250. (review here)

The HD 390. (review here)

The HD 500. (review here)


As always thank you for visiting my site. I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Please leave any you have below. I will answer them all as soon as possible.


I will leave you with some reviews of the outstanding HD 150 Digital hearing aid.




Review by Babs Thomson (Posted on 16/09/2016).

Been buying really expensive in-ear hearing aids for more than 20 yrs, But apart from being custom made, there is very little if any difference in the manufacturing or quality to these purchased from Hearing Direct, plus a massive saving on hearing aids and batteries. great value and excellent service.


Review by Roy Hall (Posted on 16/07/2016).

I agree with other comments on the hearing value, however, my only negative comments would be – the ‘whistling’ which is always there when fitting’ and afterwards when combing or fixing one’s hair. My other comment would be the ‘Ear fit’ I could not get the aid to fit snug! consequently, it would come loose in which it did, then fell on the floor where I stood on it without noticing!


This hearing aid is excellent quality.

Review by Norman Reed (Posted on 22/12/2015).

This hearing aid is excellent quality amazing results for such a small hearing aid, long battery life for such a small battery fits comfortably in the ear I wear mine all day and don’t know it’s there. Excellent customer service and I would recommend this hearing aid to anybody that wants quality with a very sensible price.


Sincere thanks for your magnificent price.

Review by A C Brown (Posted on 01/12/2015).

Sincere thanks for your magnificent product!! I ordered the basic hearing aid for my left ear. I have been wearing Opticon hearing aid for 8 years but the one for my left ear packed up, Hence my order for your hearing aid for my left ear. It arrived this morning; I put in a battery and placed it in my ear. The result was immediate and terrific. I am now listening to French television and understanding every word. As soon as my right ear aid packs up I shall be ordering a new one from your Company. A sincere testimonial of greatness and gratitude.


Excellent unit and first class service…

Review by Keith Pritchard (Posted on 08/11/2015).

Excellent unit and first class service


The hearing has improved a lot, once your useD T

Review by Barry Wignall (Posted on 13/08/2015).

Hearing has improved a lot, once your used to them it’s brilliant 10/10





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