Vibrating Alarm Watch Review


Product – Amplicomms AW 500 G+L Vibrating Alarm Watch.

Price – £109.99

Guarantee – Manufacturers Warranty.

Where to buy – Hearing Direct.

Rating – 9.8 out of 10.

vibrating alarm watch

Do you or someone you know have a hearing loss? Would you like to be able to set an alarm that doesn’t wake everyone else when it goes off? The vibrating alarm watch from Amplicomms does just that and more.

Amplicomms are a German company who have been manufacturing devices for the assistive hearing for many years. The AW 500 G+L Vibrating alarm watch is a great addition to their range.

Main Details of the AW 500 G+L Vibrating alarm watch.

vibrating alarm watch male

The watch has up to 5 alarm settings that can be set up and changed independently of each other.

When the alarm goes off the watch vibrates on the wrist for 20 seconds and then a pause for 1.5 seconds. The backlight will also alternate off and on. The vibration is more than enough to wake you up.

The alarms can be set for reminders throughout the day as well as a morning wake up. It is a great way to have your day planned out so that you don’t forget what you have to do.

The watch has a very elegant design. It comes in both a male and a female version.

The male version has a pinstripe design watch face complete with a black leather strap, whilst the ladies have a gem design face with a white leather strap. Both versions would look good in both a casual or a formal setting.

Other key features of the AW 500 G+L Watch.

The watch has a classic convex casing made of polished stainless steel. The face is made with a durable scratch resistant mineral glass.

It has clear hour markings as well as hour, minute and second hands and is water resistant to 30M.

It runs on a precise, premium quartz movement, with the very highest level of accuracy and comes with a full instruction manual.

It has handy setting buttons for setting the various alarms and wake up functions, along with a simple timer set up.

The alarm setting is shown as a digital display on the watch face.

My overall opinion.

vibrating alarm watch female

This watch could really be pitched at just about anyone. It is a very elegant looking watch. I really like the fact that they have created a male and a female version.

The vibrating alarm is what makes it even more appealing to those of us who have a hearing loss. Amplicomms are a very renowned company in this field and having their name associated with this timepiece will ensure that the quality can be guaranteed.

I think it would make a great present for someone in both the practical sense and because it simply looks very good too. Go ahead and treat yourself or someone you know to the gift of time.

As always with reviews, they are only my personal opinion. I would love to hear yours. Do you own one of these? What do you think of it? Give your opinion and help others make a more informed decision.

You can leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

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