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Hearing loss is very much a hidden disability. You cannot see it. Many of those who have it fail to acknowledge it.

This website is dedicated to breaking the silence and talking about the many issues that face people with hearing loss every day of their lives.

hearing loss

Millions and millions of people worldwide suffer this condition, yet they continue to ignore the real help that is available.

Only about 1/5 of people who could benefit from wearing a hearing aid actually do so. WHY? Hearing aid technology has advanced to such a stage that the ITE (in the ear) models are virtually impossible for others to see.

I still wear two BTE (behind the ear) aids and no one pays a blind bit of notice to them. So what is really preventing people whose lives could be transformed from taking that step?

These are areas that we will be discussing in detail. We will be looking at all the various types of hearing aids available. We will be looking at different price ranges. For example, we will look at affordable hearing aids for seniors. We will look at different styles suitable for children.

Hearing aids
Stylish hearing aids for children.

We will be looking at a multitude of devices and treatments that are available to help people with hearing loss and some of the associated conditions that are usually linked to it.

Tinnitus is another condition suffered by millions, yet so many continue to endure this in silence. We want to break through that wall. We want to get you discussing why you feel that you cannot seek the help that is available.

People with hearing loss can also experience balance problems stemming from vertigo. They can endure depression due to their condition which only sets them on a further downward spiral.

How do I know all this? I have been there my friend!! I have endured the loss of hearing and various other conditions for almost 42 years.

This website is dedicated to helping with all things related to hearing loss. We will tackle every and any issue you care to talk about. We will look at the very many solutions available to help people get the quality of life back that we all deserve.

Hearing loss
Let’s break the silence

I hope that you will join me on this journey. I would love it if you would share your experiences on any topic related to loss of hearing. If you don’t suffer from it yourself then perhaps you know of someone who would benefit from discussing their issues with like minded people. If so, please send them to the site at www.hearinglosshelp.co.uk

I can also be contacted by simply leaving a comment below. I will respond to all comments as soon as possible.




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