Where To Buy Hearing Aids. A Review

With the explosion of the internet and the availability of products online, I often get asked where to buy hearing aids. There is an overwhelming choice out there and it can be very confusing. How do you know what to buy and where from?


I have used a few different methods over the years. I have outlined 2 of them here and shown why I used them.

Amazon hearing aids.

If you know what you want, then Amazon can be a great place to get it. They have a vast range of hearing aids and accessories to chose from. You may only need a sound amplifier to boost your general hearing or may be looking for a product to help with tinnitus.

Amazon has a range of aids with prices from $/£10 up to $/£2500. If you have a particular model in mind and want to do a price comparison, then this can be the way to go. It is simple and straightforward. Just click on their site, chose what you want and buy.

Hearing Direct.

At hearing direct you can take an online hearing check as a starting point if you think you have a hearing issue. They also offer advice on how to read and understand an audiogram if you have had a full medical diagnosis. Using this information, they will then tailor an individual response to your hearing needs.

The range of hearing aids available here is virtuously limitless and they will have a price range to suit just about everyone’s pocket. They also have a vast range of hearing accessories to help with everyday use and their help and information pages are second to none. I have used hearing direct on countless occasions for advice and information and they have impressed me every time. They are pretty much a one stop shop for all hearing related issues. You can also request a free catalog online.


hearing aids


Purchasing a hearing aid is such a personal thing and it is really down to the individual as to what type they want/need, what their budget is and what type of service they require.

I have used both of the above and been very satisfied. If you require any further advice or would just like to talk to someone about hearing issues in general, then please get in touch.

Just leave a comment in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Finally, always remember, if in doubt regarding your hearing health, please seek medical advice.


Eddie (eddie@helpwithhearingloss.com)

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3 Replies to “Where To Buy Hearing Aids. A Review”

  1. My grandpa is trying to hear better. However, he isn’t doing the right thing in regards to research. I’m worried that he’s going to spend too much money. Do you have any other tips about finding good hearing aids? I’ll have to show him this article.

    1. Hi Johnny,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      It is vital that your grandpa goes about this properly. Getting the wrong hearing aid will put him off them altogether and it will have an adverse effect on his quality of life.
      Show him this guide to buying hearing aids (click here) that I have put together. I would really urge him to follow the steps I have laid out. Hearing aids can be expensive and if you are going to invest in a pair then you want to make sure that you get the right ones.
      Also, you don’t want him paying over the odds for a device that turns out to be no use to him. The people I would recommend are a company called HEARING DIRECT.COM.
      I have used this company many times and the level of customer service is excellent. They also have a full 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. That way when your grandpa gets his new hearing aids he will have 30 days to test them out to make sure that they are doing their job properly. I have also found them to be the best when it comes to price.
      To go to HEARING DIRECT.COM just (CLICK HERE).
      Good hearing health is so important to our lives. Getting the right hearing aids is like getting a new lease of life. Please encourage your grandpa to read the guide I have provided. If there is anything else I can do for you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

      Kind Regards,

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