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PRODUCT – GEEMARC CL7400 WIRELESS TV LISTENERGeemarc CL7400 wirelessTV listener

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For anyone with a hearing difficulty, watching tv with other family members can be a stressful experience. These new wireless headphones for TV listening might just be the answer.


I spent years not hearing what people were saying on the TV. Whilst the rest of the family sat comfortably enjoying our favourite programmes I pretended to follow along. Why? I was too embarrassed to ask for the volume to be turned up.


It was only when I was diagnosed with hearing loss that the TV issue could be tackled. When you have someone with hearing difficulty in the house, watching TV together is a two way problem.


If the TV was up loud enough for me to hear, the rest of the family were deafened (no pun intended). If the volume was ok for them, I couldn’t hear a thing. Watching television


If these wireless headphones had been around a few years ago things would have been a whole lot easier for my long suffering family. Now everyone can enjoy the same program at the same time.


Who are the Geemarc wireless headphones for?

Really anyone can use these headphones. They can be used for TV, a HiFi, an MP3 player or even for listening to videos on Utube from a computer or a handheld device.


Geemarc have been manufacturing devices for the hearing impaired for years. They make alarm clocks, door bells, watches and other assistive listening devices. They have manufactured this product as a solution for hard of hearing people in this particular area.


These headphones would be suitable for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss. Anyone with a severe to profound loss should always consult a medical professional before buying any hearing device.


They are absolutely ideal for someone who is housebound. They are also great for people who don’t have hearing aids but still struggle to hear the TV at a normal volume level. Even if you have hearing aids but don’t have a volume control setting on them, then these are ideal for you.


The Pros and Cons of the Geemarc wireless headphones.

The Pros.

The most obvious benefit to this device is the fact that it is completely wireless. You simply plug the base station into your TV and thats it. No fumbling about with wires or cables. The base station also acts as the charging station for the headphones, so it really is the complete package.


The other main features of these headphones simply add to the high quality of the product. Some of the other features are,


Amplification (up to 125dB)

Balance control left/right

Clear digital sound transmission

Selection of either stereo or mono mode

Base plugs directly into your TV or audio device

Comfortable, lightweight, over-the-head style headset

Braille identification on the headset to the volume key

The headset automatically shuts off after loss of signal after 2 minutes

Multiple additional headband headsets can be used to the same device

8 hours continuous use time: 6 hours charging

Recharges when placed back onto the transmitter.


The Cons.

From a design, comfort and specification point of view, there are no cons that I can see. The reviews shown below bear this out.


The only potential downside is that someone wearing these in a room with other people may feel a bit self conscious. However, headphones are such a common sight in society today that I don’t even think this would be a problem any more.


Is there any training for the Geemarc CL7400 wireless headphones?

There are two methods available for this model. There is a full user guide supplied with the product. Also, if you go to the product page on the HEARING DIRECT.COM website, you can watch the instructional video.Geemarc CL7400 wirelessTV listener


Having gone through the setup and use process for this device I can honestly say that it takes a matter of minutes to have it up and running. Once the initial setup is complete, thats it. You don’t have to do anything further except charge them when required.


What support is available from Hearing Direct.com?

Hearing direct have a reputation second to none when it comes to customer support. They have a team of qualified audiologists on hand to deal with any queries and their response times are excellent.


They offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. This allows you to test run the products for a few weeks to make sure that they do everything you want them to do.


I have been buying from and dealing with this company for a number of years. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending that you can buy from them with full confidence.


My overall summary.

The Geemarc CL7400 wireless TV listener is a fantastic product. They are suitable for just about anyone. People with hearing difficulty will love the clarity of sound and the whole family can now watch television without having to break the sound barrier.


You don’t have to just take my word for it. I have included a number of reviews relating to this product below. If you want a better listening experience for you and your family then this is the device for you.


Get your Geemarc CL7400 wireless TV listener here.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. It is a help site for anyone and everyone with hearing difficulty. I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Please leave them below. I will answer them all asap.




Product reviews for the Geemarc CL7400 wireless TV listener. (From Hearing Direct.com)



The ear pieces can fold inwards for trav…

Review by Teresa Mowat (Posted on 17/01/2016)The ear pieces can fold inwards for travel! Nice quality to the sound. It amused me to still be able to hear in the kitchen!


Quite simply , minutes to install and fa…

Review by JohnMDC (Posted on 01/01/2016)Quite simply , minutes to install and fantastically easy to use.


I had almost given up watching TV. Now I…

Review by Bill Ferguson (Posted on 24/04/2015)I had almost given up watching TV. Now I can hear everything with absolute clarity even with the sound muted. It is a marvellous device which I would recommend to anyone with a hearing problem. So why only 4 stars? The instruction booklet says that when the base is connected to the electricity, a red light will come on and that after 5 seconds this should be replaced by a green one. Mine stayed red and so I contacted Hearing Direct and was advised to contact Geemarc. Exactly one week ago I emailed Geemarc and I’m still waiting for a reply! The green light did come on after about 24 hours and now the two seem to alternate as they see fit but the good news is that it does not seem to matter. I have no problem with Hearing Direct who despatched the item very promptly and dealt with my complaint instantly. Geemarc’s service is another matter however.


The Geemarc CL7400 headset comes with a …

Review by G Chatley (Posted on 07/02/2014)The Geemarc CL7400 headset comes with a male to male 3.5mm cable which can connected from the transmitter unit to a computer and immediately your horizons are widened to the millions of video programs on the Internet and particularly Utube. So apart from being able to watch television without the bother of subtitles you now have yet another area of entertainment to watch. I never realised that if you are very deaf you can set your stereo hearing aids to telecoil and wear them underneath the padded headset. The only problem with this fantastic piece of kit is that you find yourself in a solitary world of your own with no idea of what’s going on around you.


It is a first class product and does eve…

Review by Bruce (Posted on 07/01/2014)It is a first class product and does everything you would expect


Superb product, sound quality is amazing…

Review by Steve Clark (Posted on 03/01/2014)Superb product, sound quality is amazing & the comfort of the head set is very good. you get what you pay for so i am delighted with the product as a whole, i recommend this to all even if your not hearing impaired


My husband has cancer and his hearing ha…

Review by Susan Glenn (Posted on 02/01/2014)My husband has cancer and his hearing has been failing for a while. We tried Panasonic headphones but he didn’t like them and stopped wearing them. The TV was getting louder and louder driving us all nuts! As he can’t get out and about the TV has become important for him. I decided to try once more and spend a bit more money. Definitely worth it. My husband is very happy with the headphones and can hear so much better now. They even work when he is out of the room so doesn’t have to constantly adjust them. I’m happy as I don’t want to listen to the sport all day or hear the TV from the other end of the house!! Would definitely recommend.


Being partially deaf i purchased the head …

Review by Steve Clark (Posted on 22/12/2013)Being partially deaf i purchased the head set & they are very comfortable however i get a constant buzzing through the earphones so i rang Geemarc direct & was told that its not their product its the age of my TV – they were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Morale of the story is make sure your TV is up to date


Okay I have to admit that I thought the …

Review by Mrs A Bowles (Posted on 08/12/2013)Okay I have to admit that I thought the cost of these was a bit much for a set of wireless TV listeners, but I soon changed my mind when they arrived. The transmitter and headphones are both stylish and extremely well made. The transmitter is also the charging dock for the headphones which sit securely in place while charging. The headphones are very comfortable to wear, easy to adjust and the sound quality is amazing even when you’re not in the same room as the transmitter. Not only can you use these with the TV and Hi-Fi system here is also a lead supplied that plugs into the bottom of the right side ear piece that allows you to use the head phones with mp3 players, I’ve also found they work with my kindle fire and mobile phone for listening to music, voice mail or watching video. There is also a micro USB slot in the headphones; a lead is not supplied for this but as I have several already this didn’t matter. I know the person I have purchased these for is going to love them or at least they will if I can bring myself to part with them lol.






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